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Spirit of Heroes


Spirit of Heroes is a PvE game, much like a hero defense/survival where teamplay is highly focused to cover up each other's weaknesses. As a hero defense/survival game, this map gives off a wave of creeps at intervals in which players must defend the main Town Hall, other building is allowed to be destroyed (shops, houses, etc) but players won't be able to shop, or interact with destroyed building anymore.

game starts from town of Izgriel, where Warriors of Izgriel just escapes from the Scourge of the Lordaeron, back in their hometown they saw that the nearby villages and cities is already taken down by Scourge which already make a move into Izgriel

Game System

Spirit of Heroes
unlike most PvE game in which every character already has a set skills, in this map you choose any set of skills you want, in real-time mode by using a 'Spirit Items'. Spirit Items contains the spirit of fallen heroes of ancient times that will bestows the user the knowledge of the spirit, granting different skills for different spirit used

Available Spirits​
Basic water elemental, bestows you with water properties and spell ability, weak to fire

Basic fire elemental, bestows you with fire properties and regeneration capabilities, weak to water

Basic wind elemental, bestows you with wind properties and agile movement

Basic earth elemental, bestows you with earth properties and lumbering strength

Spells and Castings​
Almost every spell in this map will require channel/cast time which is quite long, teamplay is highly recommended to make sure each player will covers up other teammate while they are casting spell

Elemental Weakness System​
in this map, you can't simply increase your armour and HP to tank enemies, Elemental system comes to mind. Damaging enemy using it's weakness will deal heavy damage and temporarily slows and silences them, useful to stop enemies from casting powerful spells on you

Equipment System​
each player is allowed to have 1 weapon, armour and helmet in this game, they may choose their equipment to their liking

Fusion System​
what is fusion system? it is a system that will allows you to combine 2 spirits into 1 spirit, it will bestow you a more powerful spirit, or a random spirit depending on your combination

Random Attributes and Rebalance System​
for now, there is no such thing as overlevelling in this map, since enemy will also be adjusted according to your Heroes level, also whenever your hero levels up it will gain a total of 4 attributes point distributed to random stats, which means it will be up to you how to adjust your equipment and your spirit to your stats and your allies stats.

Saving cities and bosses​
coming soon!

terrainer is needed!


Trigger : 1% (Warning : almost every spell in this game is triggered, a lot of system trigger is already implemented)
Terrain : 10% (currently placeholder is at 100%, but still too flat, needed more doodad)
Units : 20% (interval creeps are done, bosses and neutrals still needed)
Items : 5% (needs more spirits and equipment)
Spells : 1% (only basic elemental spells are implemented)

What is needed?​

well, anyone is willing to help in making this map, be it a terrainer, a modeller, ideas, etc is always welcomed!
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