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    I'm pretty new to "".. This is my first post, so yeah.

    Okay, so.. I'm not the best with World Editor as of yet, I'm still learning. However, I'll get straight to the point.
    I'm in the middle of making a map, and I've come to a predicament... Intelligence. The only benefit it gives for my mage heroes is mana and mana regen, as these heroes won't be using their basic attacks much. I want to be able to have it so certain abilities scale off the heroes' intelligence, thus concluding in the hero doing more damage (or healing), rather than just having more mana.

    Further description:
    Okay, so I have a spell; "Fireball", which deals 600 damage, with a very short cooldown, low mana cost... The spell is great early on, shreds through them weak bosses.. But as the game progresses to late-game, the spell becomes basically redundant, due to it's low damage, despite the fact that my hero has 300+ intelligence.

    I want to be able to make an ability scale off my heroes current stats. (Intelligence in this case)

    I have seen on a few maps where this has been done. I will probably try and load them maps, and attempt to find what they did.
    However, any help would be much appreciated! :)
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    Detect the fireball's damage, then deal extra damage to the target based off its Intelligence. You can get this using Integer - Hero - Hero Attribute.

    Check out vypur85's Homing Missile spell from this spellpack. It has the missile and damage part, so you just need to add your bonus damage to it.
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