Story Idea: The Great War of Azeroth

I've been thinking that I could make a story which would continue Warcraft III. Though WoW Lore is already a continuation of Wc3, I want to make a different approach by making a great story. This is a great idea I had in mind a year ago, but if I have time, I could start writing it. This is just for fun:D

This could be the storyline of a 'new race mod' or so, who knows?

The story is almost entirely based on Warcraft lore.

It will contain 4 parts, each having different chapters.
  • The Ascension of the Goblins
  • The Tales of The South Seas
  • The Fall of the Lich King
  • The Great War of Azeroth

This story tells about future events and a great battle which will determine the fate of Azeroth. It's almost entirely about the Goblin civilization spreading all across the world.

Lordaeron lies entirely in ruins by The Forsaken, the Scourge's forces lie in Northrend.

The goblins need more land, with Zandalar as their technological capital in the whole of Azeroth, there is a need to expand. They chose to establish their military capital in the Barrens and another city as well. They want to have a monopoly on goblin technology.

The alliance between the Horde and the Goblins is still strong. However, The Forsaken are wreaking havoc in Lordaeron and they choose to build an empire instead. This empire of undead rebels will be a vast army and a new civilization at hand. The Lich King's forces meanwhile, have filled in their slots in Northrend.

The elves care little about the goblins at the moment. A lingering whisper in the wind goes by, as these great titans of Azeroth will soon take part in the most grueling war in the history of Azeroth, known as the Great War of Azeroth, or the Third War.

The dawn of a new era has just begun...
Any feedback, comments and criticism would be appreciated.


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This could be fun; with the goblin population spreading rapidly to the point where they become their own seperate nation, there are countless things that could happen as a result of it. First, Goblins are all about technology, so if they had an actual military then the rest of Azeroth would begin to witness warmachines the likes of which had never been seen. With technology and magic together, the battles would get ridiculous, and there are so many possibilites that go along with it.

Something you should bear in mind, however, is that (to my knowledge) the Goblins are somewhat neutral, and don't usually involve themselves in wars between the other races, so you would need a lot of backstory about what leads them to confronting other nations. I dunno too much about warcrack except from the war3 campaign and a little WoW, so I could be wrong, but regardless of whether or not I am, I like your idea. Go somewhere with it.
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