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So I was mucking about with a bunch of my custom functions and decided to save (I've done WAAAY too much work to simply revert). Unfortunately, I keep getting syntax errors. If I simply remove the offending segment, it just finds another.

Here's the error code:

unit libwtps_gf_SquadMember (int lp_playerNumber, int lp_squadMemberNumber) {
    // Implementation
    return libwtps_gv_squadUnits[lp_playerNumber][lp_squadMemberNumber];

That's what it says is causing the current error, but I don't see anything wrong with it (I'm strictly a GUI coder, so I can't read the raw code too well).

I don't know if its somehow related but for the firs ttime ever, I got these messages:

Warning: connection was interrupted
Warning: No matching parameter found for 'Squad Member Number' within Function 'Controlled Unit'
Warning: connection is closing: SHUTTING_DOWN
Warning: connection was lost



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"Warning: No matching parameter found for 'Squad Member Number' within Function 'Controlled Unit'"

Check all your triggers that contain "Squad Member Number". Either the trigger cannot recognise it, or its array (if its an array), or the function of Controlled unit doesn't fit.
Of course, the errors could have accumilated whilst you were making, so the errors could just be nothing. If thats the case, then i have no clue D:


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You had the right idea. I'm not sure why it produced the error within the Squad Member ended up being a custom action I was using and accidentally had a parameter blank for.

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