UK News This 130-tonne 'fatberg' has been discovered under the streets of east London

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    A disgusting, congealed blob of fat, oil, and other unpleasant household waste has been discovered blocking a major sewer line underneath London.

    The so-called "fatberg" weighs 130 tonnes, and is currently clogging a 250-metre stretch of piping underneath Whitechapel, east London.

    Sewer workers investigating the 'berg say that over time it has solidified, and is now as difficult to remove as concrete.

    The blockage has been formed over years, as oily liquids and household products like wet wipes and nappies have been flushed or tipped into water pipes.

    Workers are currently waging what sewage company Thames Water describes as "a three-week sewer war" to liquefy and remove the fatberg.

    Read more here. (Business Insider)

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