Crime Time distortion pill' to make convicts feel they've been in prison for years?

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Could we condemn criminals to suffer for hundreds of years?

Biotechnology could let us extend convicts' lives 'indefinitely'
  • This is the scenario being explored by researchers at Oxford University
  • They claim life extension tech could mean prisoners serve longer sentences
  • Philosopher Dr Rebecca Roache also writes in her blog that a time distortion pill could make people feel like they were in prison longer
  • Another scenario the group looked at was uploading mind to a digital realm
  • Running it a million times faster than normal would enable the uploaded criminal to serve a 1,000 year sentence in eight-and-a-half hours
As well as extending life, Dr Roache noted that there are a number of psychoactive drugs that distort people’s sense of time. She said that society might not be far off developing a pill that could make someone feel like they were serving a 1,000-year sentence.
Read the whole article here:


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I wasn't aware the intent of prison was to make criminals suffer.


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Or maybe some rehabilitation instead of wasting life and energy because of what is usually not a big deal?

And Demolition Man was badass.

KMilzzydog said:
I wasn't aware the intent of prison was to make criminals suffer.
What else would it be for? The entire justice system is designed to ruin your life. Jail serves NO purpose but to waste amounts of your life and, if they pigboys are lucky ruin a good portion of your life after that somehow. I for instance will not be capable of attending the medical school of my choice, as I am not going to be allowed to move out of the state for two years, which will therefore make it extremely unlikely for me to afford the university I want to go to to finish my undergrad until afterwards as it's in a different state (and therefore restrictively expensive), pushing me over the age limit to enroll as a new medical student. Why? I will tell you why after I actually go to trial and they find me guilty because of a group of filthy lying ass pigs that are totally fucking invulnerable. Fucking assholes luckily have been ruining other peoples lives since then, rather than continue with mine. This state needs a serious fucking crime spree.


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@Varyne: ha ha.

Sounds like a great way to waste time, effort and money on things that will help absolutely no person on earth.


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I totally agree with the idea of time-distortion, but not for criminals. Imagine how much faster the world would develop if people could perform 10 years' worth of thinking in 2 days.


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I'm bad with names. It's not my fault your faces on here are the same.
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