Environment U.S. ambassador to Japan will publicly eat Fukushima fish in a show of support amid radioactive water release outrage


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Japan began releasing more than 1 million metric tons of radioactive water from a wrecked nuclear power plant on Thursday, prompting widespread concerns over contamination and safety.

The contaminated water, which underwent treatment to significantly reduce its radioactivity, came from the Fukushima nuclear plant—the site of one of the most catastrophic nuclear meltdowns in history.

The decision to release the wastewater has been a controversial one, sparking protests in Japan and further afield in South Korean capital Seoul from antinuclear activists and those concerned about contamination.

Greenpeace slammed the move as “deliberate pollution,” and said it was “outraged” by the release of the water.

A spokesperson for the Japanese government was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Fortune.

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