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Hello, TheHelper.Net users.

On behalf of the Warcraft 3 Mapping Organization, I come to you, for help. If you have recentely heard, we are setting up a forum to spread the word of the Mapping Organization, to recruit some team members, communicate, and get the project on a full go.

Except, we have encounterd a problem - we don't know what to put for user post count names! For example, when you first join the hive, underneath your name you have 'Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, baby!)', we need phrases, and names like this.

So if you can think of any, post them here, and we'll be more than likely to add them as a post count difference!

Note: No copies of TheHelper.Net names, or any similar ones are allowed.


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That is the Helper, not the hive.

Uhm, how about just stuff like "peasant" or "footman" or "rifleman" and go up the ranks?
Are you sure it is the Helper? Can't remeber reading it on TheHelper.

Actually I think user rank names should be connected to the "mapping topic" and not be some dull ingame names. :)


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Its quite easy to do that I think. For a beginner - Amatuer - Pro - Master - User Mod -
Its like going up the stairs. Here's what I've got:

Rookie - 0 - 9 posts

Amateur - 10 - 24 posts.

Junior User - 25 - 49 posts.

Junior - 50 - 74 posts.

Pro - 75 - 99 posts.

User ( I'm a member! Yes!) 100 - 199 posts.

Junior Regular ( I'm climbing the Ladder! ) 200 - 299 posts.

Junior Club member ( I am!? ) - 300 - 499 posts.

Professional ( I'm almost there ) 500 - 799 posts.

Professional User ( I'm here ) 800 - 1200 posts.


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Rank 2 - Dry Cracker (well done!)

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Rank 6 - Lord of the Maps (Maps > Rings)

Rank 7 - Moderator

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To Dakho's suggestion. Maybe not everyone may map, just post a lot. So calling a poster a Mapper, where he may or may not be, would be ironic.

So my suggestion is to make it something general, involving posts only.


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0-1: cloned
2-5: Entering the realm
6-15: Training
16-50: Mastering
51-100: Entering the Community
101-200: Engineer of the system
201-500: Programmer of the system
501-1000: Director of the system
1001-2000: Drunken poster
2001-4000: Master poster
4001-8000: Postermaniac
8001-14999: Poster addict
15000+: Post whore (full of herpes)



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Onleh one.
"15000+: Post whore (full of herpes)"
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    What a fucking disaster. Are all of the Texas people okay? I see TH is, are we the only two?
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    How have the other states held up? I just got power back so I have no idea what's going on, we didn't get warning
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    Why the fuck didn't they fix this ten years ago when it happened?
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    I'm in it with you and TH as well. My power has been in and out, and I have a ruptured pipe that I need to fix, shouldn't be too bad to fix myself.
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    My power has been off most of the last 2 days. We had a generator installed 3 years ago though, so we're staying warm. Water is another issue...
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    My poor plants are happy, they aren
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    Well one of them is pretty rough but I think it was sick to begin with, that one always had some problems.
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    That is such a Texas thing to say lol
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    a positive could come out of this. So many people trapped at home could put a dent in the covid numbers in Texas
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    That dude, Tom Boyd, is really upset about the backlash from his "it's your fault you're freezing" thing because he claims he resigned before saying it, so it wasn't like he said it in his official capacity or anything.
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    Almost as if he was saying "screw you guys, I'm going home"
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    I'm fairly new here still but that seems to be the analogous message by several of our politicians.
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    Hi vypur85, long time no see
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    Hi vypur85, long time no see.
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    We are all somebody
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    I kinda like being nobody tho.
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