Health Vaginal Proteins In HIV-resistant Prostitutes Suggest New Prevention Measures

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Researchers in Canada report discovery of unusual proteins in a small group of Kenyan sex workers that appear to be associated with resistance to infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The discovery could lead to the improved design of vaccines and drugs to fight the deadly virus, which infects an estimated 40 million people worldwide, the scientists say in a new report.

In the new study, Adam Burgener and colleagues note that 140 of more than 2000 sex workers studied in Nairobi, Kenya, appear resistant to HIV infection. Although evidence suggests that certain biological factors in their vaginal fluid may play a role in resistance, the exact identity of these substances was unclear.

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This might be the grossest thing we have ever had posted up here.

That must be the worst job in the world. You have to study 2000 sex abused vagina from a third world country.
You mean prostitutes?

I don't quite get it though... You mean there's people immune/resistant to HIV? And they're studying them to fine a cure or reason?

There are cases of those who are immune to HIV as well as other fatal diseases including Cancers and more.
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