Warcraft 3 Dead?

Is Warcraft 3 dead?

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UMBWGMG (Unidentified Human Being.)
Is Warcraft 3 dead? Has LoL and DotA taken over Warcraft 3? What is your opinion and why you think this and I may create a map and complete it. If the opinions are mostly "Yes, War3 is dead" then I will not make a map. If the opinions are mostly "No, War3 is not dead." then I will consider creating a map.
P.S. Leave a note on what type of map you want me to create.
P.S.S I will not be voting.


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I'm an avid tower defense player. Always enjoyed a good tower defense, and I always enjoyed the unique variations amongst them. I'd love to see another great one (I think Wintermaul is what really got me started on them, but I feel like I played Gem TD more than any of them). I think that the mazing aspect is important in these, and I've always been fond of the choice to make their pathing visible (i.e., the places you have them move to to get from the spawn point to the finish point). I think another really important thing to consider would be making spells that you can unlock or already have with either a mana cost or a cooldown, and careful timing can help to make or break a round. I think adding that extra bit of skill and finesse in there gives it a lot more depth than just building towers in the right combinations.

But yeah, I still look at Warcraft 3 as one of my top 3 favorite computer games ever, so in my eyes it ain't dead and it never will be.


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Have A large amount of the People moved on to other games, or the majority of the dota players, I would say yes.

Is warcraft 3 dead? I guess its what you define "Dead". Warcraft 3 was really my game. Of all the games I played, I put in a lot of time in it, Lots of standard war3, lots of custom games, lots of dota, lots of moding.

For me, I would like to move on and play dota elseware. And I would like to play custom games on starcraft 2. But warcraft 3 still has a lot of really good custom games, starcraft 2 is getting there though.

I think its still shrinking in size. But I still have it installed on my computer, Even though I haven't played (aside from just briefly looking around) in about year.

To me its mostly a thing of the past, But I would hate to not to be able to get back on time to time, with friends. But To the world I don't think its dead, just thinned out.

Then again, I haven't played starcraft 2 in a few months. and I love starcraft 2. But I haven't had the time I used too, and am putting the time I do have else were.

The Helper

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Until another game comes around with a comparable map editor War3 will always have a following. The game allows normal users to do incredible things in Game Design with a tool that is included in the price of a game. Granted, it will never get the kind of following or attention that it had in its heyday but until some other tool comes along that provides the experience of actual game design that the Map Editor does, War3 will not die. IMO.


UMBWGMG (Unidentified Human Being.)
Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I might start a making a map in world edit... Just a test map to see what you guys think of it. It will be for singleplayer and multiplayer and you will just see how long you can last. I won't make a thread about the map until the vote ends. I'm only planning it and making a test map. :D
Also Fatmankev, add me on warcraft 3 (US.East) (Meriel (<-- Because I felt like it :D))
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