WASD keys movement (requires .exe file)

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Arre, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Arre

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    Now it's here the Warcraft 3 Wasd movement.

    1. Download the program.
    2. Run the program.
    3. Start warcraft3
    4. Start a map using arrowkeys.

    Hint: You can start the program after that you started warcraft3.


    If you want some changes can you PM me and i will do it for you (perhaps).

    If you don't have a map using arrowkeys press http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/soldiers-v3-09-a-146454/?prev=search%3Dsoldiers%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20

    Here is the program.

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  2. UndeadDragon

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    Just in case people are curious, I have scanned it with the latest version of Eset Nod32 and it is clean. I haven't tested whether it works though.
  3. Azlier

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    The wheel! She has been reinvented!
  4. Arre

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    I'm going to make so you can move around the camera with mouse like in fps games.
    In the next version i'll be possible to use the program when you play sharpshooter online so you move your camera with mouse, wasd movement and shoot with mouse.
  5. exilus4

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    why u c8 a program for making wasd?y u juz making script for WE
  6. BlackRose

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    Can you do so first? You can't really do so unless you want to destroy 4 spell hotkeys. Even then, they aren't that great for tracking WASD movement.

    What was the point in quoting the entire thing?
    Try fixing up your posts before making them.
  7. Drak

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    thanks for this great little program

    i have a question, could someone please modify this program to use the UHJK buttons instead of WASD. I am using the UHJK buttons instead because they are closer to my mouse -- it is more comfortable. I would be glad if someone could do it and upload the program in this thread. P.S how do you disable the program when you chat?

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