Will Two Worlds work on Windows 7 64bit?

Discussion in 'Gaming Technical Support' started by sidove, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. sidove

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    Hi I bought the game Two Worlds a while ago and tried on my Windows XP 32bit and i could install it but my grapich card was shitty and now like 6 months later i am buying a Windows 7 64bit computer and i don't know if it will run on Windows 7.

    I have checked their webiste and it says it works for Vista 64bit, but i have some crappy version of the game that is like US version and i live in Europe (not meaning that US versions suck but meaning that they suck cause i live in EU and need fix all settings in the Control Panel to play it) so i am asking will the game run on Windows 7 64bit or do I need to buy a newer copy of the game that says "Games for Windows" (mine doesn't).

    +rep for answer :)
  2. ElderKingpin

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    if it works for vista, it works for windows. microsoft was able to reduce the amount of RAM their operating system uses. Windows 7 uses less memory (or something that deals with computer usage)
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  3. sidove

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    Ok thank you adding cookies to you :)
  4. azareus

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    Generally, everything that works for Vista, works for 7.
    They're nearly identical in many things.

    Not the same with XP/Vista though.
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    To be honest, I don't like Two Worlds. Horse riding is just.... fail...
  6. Varine

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    It should run, but not in 64 bit. Microsoft made an emulator that works for most 32 bit programs (I've had a few programs that wouldn't install, but not many), so it'll be installed in the Program Files x86 directory.

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