All the Hell vs Heaven Combinations

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by 1)ark_Knight, May 7, 2006.

  1. babylove520

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    we now to play hell vs heaven come too play wif me
  2. robotpro

    robotpro Guest

    GunBlader N MegaLionHeart

    Anyone Noe About Gunblader And MegaLionHeart ?? Its A Hero and A item respectively .
  3. duckne55

    duckne55 New Member

    Dun read this if u dun wanna cheat!

    after playing hvh and hvh reloaded i realised there were many cheats being used. for example, i once saw some 1 getting the runestone 3 minutes in the game, and ofc, theres the gunblade specialist. i was like wtf man cheats ruin the i took some time to hack into the map and viewed the JASS code.
    i was like HOLY S**T! below r the cheats i found...
    Hell Vs Heaven(final edition)
    conditions:must be Blue or either grey or lb(i forgot)
    type "runic power"

    Hell Vs Heaven(no goldrush)
    conditions:must be Blue or either grey or lb(i forgot)
    type "runic power"

    2.1000000 gold
    type "gr<space>"

    Hell Vs Heaven reloaded( this 1 has LOTS)
    note 1: all items appear south of mid
    note 2: some of the cheats r... quite vulgar...
    1.MEGA lionheart 100k all stats
    type "with da names of SMDT i now summon mega lionheart"

    2.regular lionheart 50k all stats (yea u can get this from treasure guarding tower...)
    type "gwh28dgcmpp6rc46j4mt3hfdy"

    3.Proof of Gunblade Specialist( we all LOVE this hero :D)
    type"duckchai is da best"

    4.Item to get Almighty Devil(Archimonde)
    type "i need da farking aid of archimonde"

    5.Item to get Lord of God(Furion)
    type "der is others best hero except c1 which was named as lord of god"

    6.Gauntlets of creteria
    type "yoo rules breaker come kiss my ass"

    type "curse u damn c2pid moron rules breaker"

    8.illidan blade
    type "send me da farking lilidanblade"

    and thats all...
    so, plzplzplz play the ONLY non cheated version and that is the hvh vm version
    thats all i hav to say bb.
    EDIT: oh btw i can get choosen one faster than you 1)ark_Knight by using this method LOL.
    EDIT 2: fond this floating around today, turns out it has cheats too...
    its called HELL VS HEAVEN FROST HELL(this guy wants to cheat more than crap...)
    i havent tested the cheats yet but i will tell them, u wan can test urself lol, all is type one.
    i think must type :"daddylongleg" to activate cheats.
    angel lightning
    boot of land
    spell immunity
    needles weak
    -str max
    -int max
    -agi max
    >cheats for red,pink,purple.
    >cheats for all
    -load X
    (note for the one ^ replace X with player no.[eg red is 1, blue is 2, teal is 3, etc)
  4. ike22

    ike22 New Member

    ive been playing hvh for about a year and then they come out with this new fm version if anyone could give me some combinations for it it would be really helpful
  5. Revengez

    Revengez New Member

    This is awesome. It's helped me own so much in HvH. If it wasn't for you, i'd still be searching for how to get chosen one. Thanks bro.:D
  6. revolutionz2

    revolutionz2 New Member


    hey what verson you talking about on reloaded:)
  7. duckne55

    duckne55 New Member

  8. revolutionz2

    revolutionz2 New Member

    not working

    thank you
  9. teino

    teino New Member

    I like this guide very much, i've been using it over 2 years.
  10. 1)ark_Knight

    1)ark_Knight -- Not Very Active At This Time --


    wow.. I haven't been on this site in quite a while..

    but I just wanted to check something and I found this kind of funny..

    When typing in "Hell vs Heaven" in Google, this and my guide are the very 1st links to pop up. Now more amazing.. is that when you reverse the Hell and Heaven and type in Heaven vs Hell (which is an actual IGN video game) my guide and list still are put first. And together my guide and list accumulate more views than almost any thread on this site and I've gotten about 200 rep just from them. I find that very weird, yet amazing being that I made this for a couple people and pretty much myself back in my WC3 days.

    Thanks for the support on these 2 threads I guess, those of you who at least can type in English with some grammar, spelling, and coherence. ( As I know that a lot of this thread is crap spam.) :thup:
  11. noodleboi

    noodleboi New Member

    uh hey... how do you get magician's circle or that needle thing? is it only possible via cheats? because me and my friend were playing hell vs heaven VM.. and this person got magician's circle and started kicking our butts...
  12. duckne55

    duckne55 New Member

    gauntlets of creteria+staff of god
  13. ike22

    ike22 New Member

    Needles are dragon claws+gauntlets of archimonde
  14. CrappyPatty

    CrappyPatty New Member

    anyone know the recipe list for eternal version?
  15. iRawr

    iRawr New Member

    Beastmaster Claw or Beastmaster Claws?

    •Blade of Illidan- Dagger of Escape +Nature Stone + Beastmaster claws

    •Beastmaster Claw- Angel Lightning + Claw of Attack
  16. DemonRyou

    DemonRyou New Member

    1)ark_Knight - You Pwn

    Hey 1)ark_Knight, your recipe list seriously helped me a lot. It all started when my mentor in Hell vs Heaven VM v7.2(Most Pro Version), LordofArena, started to train me. He said go type in "Hell vs Heaven Combinations", and I found your list, I printed it out and to this day I still use it. It's currently taped to the right of my moniter right now. I'm looking at it =D. The only thing I did to your list was add Ring of Nazgul right below Gauntlets of Creria, because I kept forgetting the combination. Well again, you pwn, thanks for making this list. :) :thup: :D :cool: :shades:
  17. Razmataz

    Razmataz New Member

    1)ark_Knight may have put some usefull combinations but i was playing
    hell vs heaven and some guy made ghost gaunlets......can u try to find
    out how to make that?
  18. iRawr

    iRawr New Member


    Guys, if you see somebody with some bullshit item, just SAVE THE FUCKING REPLAY AND WRITE IT DOWN.
  19. lordofthighs

    lordofthighs New Member

    im posting just for the sole purpose of the project x hero if you get his essence after killing him and use the blade of illidan or kelens to get to the upper part of the arena go to the area above furion at the duel arena and theres a pillar with fire on top blink up there with the essence and you get project x

    btw zerg pwnzers is the message to make him appear
  20. DemonRyou

    DemonRyou New Member

    Hmm ..

    What version is that, because I only like to play one version which is Hell vs Heaven VM v7.2 by Matchstick because it has aboslutely no cheats. I know for a fact that I've never seen Ghost Gauntlets but I may have seen it's name in a recipe scroll. I'm going to go play it now and check. I'll edit this after I am done and post the items.

    Well I just checked it, all I see is Ghoul Fire, are you sure that isn't what you saw?

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