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  • Meanwhile, I'm making this very nice tech tree. It is almost finished, I just have to add descriptions for 86 buttons. It should only take about... lots of time :( Still, it looks really nice and I might finish the descriptions today. Then I have to add 120 custom upgrades to units with a data editor I don't fully understand, but it's okay.
    Arti, I need the SQLite Galaxy native script you made for me, I need to add the default types and the libNtve functions.
    Funny fact: If you rep me, I'll get over 100 rep. That would be really nice.... I'm just sayin'
    Meh, tell me another site where I can upload it. Also, are you also having problems with the data editor? It's complicated. It seems like there's 10 copies of everything all with different options but none with the right option.

    Edit: He faked his post count? But that's like... cheating?!
    I play all races. Played mostly terran in the start. Some time before I got put into copper league I switched to playing zerg. I don't play protoss that much though, just not that familiar with them.

    The new patch notes are out but no patch yet :( I want the editor!
    Lots of resets and it's beta so I try out different things like a proxy hatchery in the opponent's base(didn't work)

    I went into bronze with 8 - 2 the first time. I played some matches and then had a 4 win streak. I then lost two matches because I played bad and was placed in copper league rank 43. I won straight up to rank 6 and then I got reset. Now it's all bugged up and on my profile you can see games I've played although I haven't really played them. I got to gold league in 2v2 with a friend of mine. We did 4 - 1 in placements and only lost when we both tried to 6pool.
    Have you used pygame a lot? I haven't worked on it for a week now because of SC2. I got the beta, you know. I'm looking forward to the editor!
    Also, when I say button pressing, I mean like: I press "p" and it pauses, I press "space" and it quits.
    Hum, when I think of it, the problem was not registering clicks. It was button pressing and drawing text :p
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