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  • Sorry to say this, but you REALLY need to relax about desyncs and leaks...
    It's becoming a bit ridiculous with all of your thread about it, RELAX ! :p

    GUI action WILL NOT cause desyncs, and DEFINATELY not simply adding and removing locust... (Though, it will do other stuff to the unit even if it's removed ;))
    You WILL need JASS to cause a desync in Wc3, and since you ultimately are a GUI user, do not worry about leak too much, removing all of the location leaks, and group leaks is almost enough actually, as these are used the most in maps (I'd believe :S :p)

    If you're gonna try to do everything as efficient and leakless as possible, you really shouldn't use GUI ! That' it...
    Don't mix GUI with Jass so much, just learn Jass good and you will never need GUI again ! ;)

    This is nothing too personal, but I think believe it's getting a bit tiresome...

    And if you need help with small stuff like that, don't be afraid to PM me or something ;)
    You actually have so much -rep you cant -rep others... And i saw yours as a flame because you commented on HIS MAP, about it being being one big spamfest. I was not doing that for rep. I stopped giving a shit about rep after i got 100.
    After doing a quick search in the WEHZ forum, I found you have made over twelve threads about your AoS in that forum, not including ones indirectly about it. I think it's time you made a thread in Member's Projects and condense discussion there.
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