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  • Well, there is no situation where I do not have my own opinion.
    And by saying I respect them I do not say I make everything their way.
    I still have my own kind of programming.

    But thanks anyway, you seem to be nice.
    It's because in the main function InitGlobals is called after each vJass initializers, and for some strange reason, depends the variable type (integer, real,string and so one), none or default value is given for the gui globals variables in the declaration, and the default value specified by the user is given inside the function InitGlobals, even if it's just a constant value which don't use any function.

    But i guess you already know that.
    Yeah I knew that, the problem is that if you use some GUI variables in JASS code and then initialize them to stuff in a library initializer it can cause damn stupid bugs because GUI overrides the initialize, and using a timer with .01 delay is just retarded even though it works.
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