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  • Sorry, I didn't see that :p

    I am currently just finishing off my clients' area on my site (and I have changed host), but as soon as I finish that, I can work on yours some more. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you :p
    ok 1 last thing, are there any set values for creating wave effects or explosions or aura effects and missles? Because i would not know how to edit somethng to cause it to be a wave rather than a spray of particles
    wow funky UI, i got it to work :) cud u pls show me how to edit the length of the effect so its like just 1 pulse?
    Which part of your regex do you think registers '='?


    That'd be the easiest way, me thinks. But then you'll need to parse the comments out of the value part manually (which shouldn't really be that hard).
    I am wondering, what sort of colour scheme are you thinking of? Example: Black/Blue, Black/Red, White/Blue, White/Red/Black? (Those are just examples)
    Sorry, I haven't actually started it yet because of a lot of schoolwork, but when I get around to it (soon) I am quick ;)
    okok no problem found a solution ;). Maby dosnt look great but it works. Thanks for the help anyway. Good luck with your modeling program :D
    Wait, why do you have nothing and null in there?
        private null MyVar
        public nothing Loller

    Umm..? o_O And additionally, array ain't gonna work like that (unless you only want people to have "private array lol" instead of e.g. "private unit array Units").

    You need that bolded part for it.
    > integer|real|boolean|string|unit|array|handle|trigger|rect|nothing|nul l
    Oh lol, vBulletin adds some retarded spaces...

    Anyway, wrap ( and ) around that:
    The space isn't supposed to be there (stupid vB).
    Hallo there! I found another way to make the teamglow, i just imported teamglow and added it to the hero as an effect. Now I got another problem, I dont know if you can make this without the flashy editor but i will say what i had in mind anyway.

    I'm making a tag were the wifes gathers the gold. Problem is she dosnt have the pickaxe and the goldbag. So i want to add the goldbag and the pickaxe to a normal villager woman. I also want the goldbag to only be showing when she has gathered (as the peasant). If you can't make it can you please help me solving it. I tried some stuff but got big fails. I started with a peasant, removed his body and replaced it with the womans body. Problem was that the texture wasnt right. So only problem for me is that i dont how to change the textures to fit for different units.
    Check my thread in the Sc2 Zone.
    I don't like the name. :(

    I love everything else though.
    hm ok. But why cant you add teamglow with that program which you still got?? :) The model is a standard wc3 model (fel orc koto beast (with rider)), so you dont have to create a new one. :/
    Hallo Vestras! Romek recommended you for a little request I have. I think it's a very easy thing to do if you are a bit skilled with modeling (I'm not). I basically want to add a teamglow to the fel orc kodo beast with rider. I have tried myself without success, I think that the glow is hiding inside the kodos belly( i see that there is a glow in the model editor but not in game). I also tried chaning the teamglow to the drums on the kodo but it didnt work. However I got the teamglow to work on a warlord model.

    So can you please help me with adding a teamglow to the fel orc kodo beast model with rider. Either on both drums, the riders chest or somewhere else were you think it will look better??
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