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Hey community,
I am creating a 10 player open world, rpg, pvp team based game. The game is going to start completely symmetrical with defined objectives for each team to complete while possibly trying to interfere with the other team. 2 Teams Red and Blue. There are 5 different roles each player plays on a team. Tank, scout, sharp shooter, demolitionist, and medic. Teams do not share vision and must use communication and teamwork to survive. They will gain experience and level from 0-10. Players must also constantly be gathering supplies because of hunger, thirst, and steady exposure to radiation.
All units will be based off these basic stats
1000(+100/lvl) health, 10(+1/lvl) armor, 200(+10/lvl) energy, 50(+10/lvl) dmg, .75(-.02/Lvl) attack speed, 4 range, 200 movement speed, 6 sight range
Tank Passives- +500 Maximum health, 33% slower base attack speed.
(Marauder) Abilities- 5 seconds of 30% dmg reduction (Cost 75 energy 10 second cooldown)
3 seconds of + 30% movement speed (Cost 25 energy 4 second cd)

Scout Passives- +2 sight range, Detector, 20% money earned
(Marine) Abilites- Sentry gun (lasts 10 seconds 250 health 30 dmg .5 attack speed 30 second cooldown 80 energy)
Place Wards (last 2 minutes 3 minute cooldown 50 energy)

Sharp shooter Passives- 10(+1/lvl) critical chance, 6 range. 15% slower base attack speed)
(Ghost) Abilities- Tunnel Vision (become stationary. increased sight range/cannot turn 3 second proc cd 25 energy)
Magnum (2 range 300 dmg shot 12 second cd costs 100 energy)

Demolitionist Passives- 15% increased movement speed 10% chance to take no dmg)
(Reaper) Abilities- satchel charge (plant a bomb to destroy debris or trap enemies press again to detonate 300 dmg 125 energy 30 second cd medium blast radius) - was thinking to put armor penetration as a acquirable upgrade to get past certain areas where rocks could have 255 armor with no other means of getting past.
Proximity mine - Plant a spider mine that lasts 4 minutes (deals 150 dmg 25 energy, can store up to 3 30 second per charge)

Medic Passives- Can revive another player once per minute, 10% buff to all stats
(Medic) Abilities Transfusion (Instantly heal a player 300 health 50 energy 15 second cd)
Blind (Blind an enemy for 2.25 seconds 75 energy 20 second cd)
Revive-(Revives a downed teammate no cost 5 second channel 60 second cd)

All players will also have attributes for Hunger/Thirst of 0-100 which go up 1 every 3 seconds when it hits 100 you will take 2 dmg/sec, so you will need sustenance every 4 minutes or so. And Radiation of 0-1000 which climbs by 5 every 5 seconds in the open world and in some areas much harsher when it reaches 1000 you will take 5 dmg/sec. Many things you kill in the world will drop you supplies and money. Players will all have inventories of 8-12 items and 2-3 equippable slots that I have planned for dmg/armor/misc. stat increases. There is a neutral middle point of the map where players must disarm to enter and can spend money on anything from supplies to bodyguards, assassins, equipment, and more planned. Much of this will need to be tweaked as time goes to make the game as competitive and challenging as an addicting game should be. As time progresses the world will start to become harsher with tougher enemies spawning and more areas to be explored. The games main goal is to kill the enemy team. But the worlds conditions require that you do scavenge what you can before you can run directly to the opposing teams side. As well as computer enemies posing quite a threat throughout the whole game to any team rushing without teamwork. Quests to do, Minibosses, Random Events. Strategic points on the map to be held.

Currently I am in the beginning phases of developing this map and I am pretty novice to the editor. If people would be interested in helping along the process and making this map be as awesome as I think it would be feel free to message me on here or on starcraft. I am going to outline the bases of what needs to be done. Most of which I will attempt to do on my own at some point but any help is appreciated :D. I will certainly credit anyone who helps along production and hope to put in extra features beyond this at some point. The map is still unplayable atm 1/1/2015. But after working from scratch all day I think it could be playable with the bare minimum done soon. I will try to update this daily.

Currently what needs done:
Triggers/Behaviors/Attributes for 3 variables on everyones unit.
Textures! lots and lots of textures. I want the map to have a different feel from starcraft. Nuclear wasteland type creatures. Rad roaches, Rad scorpions, mutated bears, ghouls, feral robots, bandits, Deathclaws)
Need to make custom abilities on the units as described up top.
Dialogs for interfaces with storekeepers in the town, Possibly making a prefer role at launch to randomize people roles
Random Event Scripting (Enemy Spawns, Unique quests)
Weather? (probably last due to any chances that it might cause lag for players.)
Ideas! (if you have any, Share! I'd love to have input from other perspectives)



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Currently I am in the beginning phases of developing this map and I am pretty novice to the editor. [...] The map is still unplayable atm 1/1/2015. But after working from scratch all day I think it could be playable with the bare minimum done soon. I will try to update this daily.
Not to frighten you, but it's easy to underestimate the amount of work a map needs. Just don't give up halfway through because you realize how much work this is. Have fun and good luck, as the pirates used to say.


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Yeah im aware it will take quite a bit of work. I dont plan on this being an actually finished map for a few months probably. I just want to get it to a playable minimum and see it people like the concept
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