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Hi all,

inspired by vypurs map I made this little shooter engine.
Took me about 5 hours.

Heres the controls:
Rightclick = Shoot the equiped gun in direction of the mouse. You can shoot while moving.
Move [Q] = Leftclick the position you want to move to.
Pick up Item [R] = Leftclick the item you want to pick up. Its not possible to queue orders
Lock Camera = Type in "-lock" in the chat to lock the camera at your marine. (Will also zoom out a little)
Spawn aliens = Type in anything in the chat to spawn 9 aliens which will hunt you down.

My idea about the map:
Up to 10 players can play as marines starting in the middle of the map.
They are only equiped with basic guns at this point in time.
In every corner of the map is an egg pool from the aliens. Aliens will spawn here in groups and move out to hunt the marines. As time goes by, more aliens will spawn with each cycle.
There is also an alien queen at each egg pool. The queen will lay new eggs as time goes by, this will cause an infinite number of aliens to be spawned over time if the players dont kill these queens.

The twist is, the ammunition for the players is limited. There will be some weapons and ammo placed at fixed locations throughout the map, but there is no way to ever get any more ammo then what is already placed there. On the other hand, infinite numbers of aliens will come unless the queens are killed.
This forces the players to act, time is an important resource! And bullets are too!

Aliens are not very tough, they go down with only a few shots, but they are incredibly fast and they kill players quickly if they catch up.
Players can heal themselfs when they find medikits, and maybe I will add a medi-bay where players can get fully healed periodically.

Since the number of aliens spawned increases with time it will be fairly easy to destroy an egg pool early on if you rush for it. This is, however, quite dangerous since you wont have too many good weapons if you dont take your time to search for them.

Will I ever finish it?
Unlikely I guess. I can feel my motivation slipping at this very moment.
But maybe one day I will. You can never know for sure.



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Use the flame thrower. Those little suckers cant do shit against it.

I am going to have different kinds of aliens. Each weapon will be better in some situations and worse in others.
The flamethrower can deal good splash damage over a very short range. Against many weak melee aliens its quite effective. But it isnt a good choice against one super strong alien since that will kill you before you can kill it.
The flamerthrower is also a bad choice against ranged aliens.


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I cant use the normal cliffs for walls.
The bullets are flying units, if I use normal cliffs their animations will mess up when they get close to the wall.

I know the walls suck, I dont like the model at all, but I couldnt find a better one on theHive.
If you know of a better model please let me know. Would be very useful indeed.


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There's a trick that allows "unit" bullets to interact properly with Blizzard cliffs in terms of flying height. I can't remember what that trick was though...


2D-Graphics enthusiast
I am not working at all. This map was just a little joke I made, I do not actualy want to create wc3 maps anymore.
Maybe if you would give me a time machine I would go back 10 years and churn out some awesome maps.
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