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    Hi there,

    I want the camera to zoom out a little when game is starting
    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Maybe if it's possible I want trigger it like this: the players can zoom in/out with their mouse wheel
    (I'm not meaning the zoom effect like in normal league games, but the zoom effect for the whole map, just like you zoom in/out in the editor)

  2. Siretu

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    In the data editor, press the plus sign and open the "Cameras" tab (Edit Advanced Data > Cameras). You can either make a new camera or modify an existing one.

    Find the field called "Zoom levels +". There's a list in there with all the different zoom levels(you can add more if you want). A normal camera modifies the Distance and Angle Of Attack in all different zoom levels. Distance is what actually makes it zoom in while Angle Of Attack is what makes it kind of change the rotation of the camera so you start looking at a target from the side.

    If you modify all zoom level's Angle Of Attack to be 56(or whatever the highest zoom is by default), you should have a zoom that only zooms straight towards the target. You can then add additional zoom levels if you want it to zoom more or less, or you could make all zoom level's distance higher so it zooms in and out faster.

    You can even have multiple cameras and change between them for different player so one player uses one type of camera at one time while two players are using another one, etc. You can do this in triggers by using the "Set Camera Data" trigger. Cameras are fun!

    If you just want to zoom the camera out, use the action "Zoom Camera" in the trigger editor.
  3. MissKerrigan

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    I tried the action ''zoom camera'' but whn you zoom in with the wheel, you can't zoom out anymore, it's annoying

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