Tutorial Custom Hero Creation Unveiled

under "advanced > gameplay constants > hero creep reduction table" change the last value from 0 to anything not 0.

and to stop people from choosing the " ? " skill, you can simply deduct the skill point that they start with, and give it back to them later.

but it doesnt really make a difference, they wont "lose" the skill point, it'll just go into the skill that over rides the " ? " that they leveled.
How do I deduct the skill point?

Nevermind understand that...
What does the creep table thing mean?
Experience from creeps?
My map is a creep based map and I need it to work like normal experience!

Can I leave it as this: 80, 70, 60, 50?
Creep reduction table refers the experience gained from creep. Each number represents the percentage amount of experience you will gain from the creep on each level.

So the first number is 100, which means you will gain 100% experience when you kill a creep, if your hero is level 1. The second number is 80(?) which means you will get 80% experience when you kill a creep, if your hero is level 2, so on and so forth.

However since on the table by default the fifth number is 0, which means that once on level 5 and up, you will get 0% experience from creep.

You should note however that, this only applies to neutral hostile creep, so if the unit is player owned, you will always get 100% experience from kills.

Just as a side note, you should make a new thread in the help zone, since theses questions don't really have anything to do with my tutorial/system.
improofments to reduce lag if excists: i dont know if you guys have world editor unlimited ( at hiveshop ) but it has the option to remove triggers while playing.. set a timelimit or a counter that counts all the players in the game and wheneverybody finished choosing skills, the game will remove the triggers and the shops to buy the spells, so the game will not look at it anymore, which CAN reduce lag, glitching and a possibility to cheat ( yes warcraft 3 is hackable duo the costum triggers), or if you dont want to download this editor you can always disable the triggers and remove the shops, so first of all you have more space for events you made,, SO its just a simple improofment to gain more space in the map and reducing lag, (FOR you triggers who never use trigger options like turn off or on and remove, use it to reduce lag, like when spawning units and the big boss is destroyed, the trigger can be removed, it reduces lag, ANTI_LAG IS IMPORTANT!
NOTE FOR BAKARANGER: i like your costum hero map xD
If you delete triggers then you can't have a repick system. And turning triggers on and off is pointless... since they only run when you buy the "skill item" anyway...

The only real way to optimise this system (that i know of), is to preload the spellbooks to get rid of the lag when people buy skills.
yyes true, i know a way you can try, in the beginning when everything is starting up/initializing you van put credits, and let the game do the same what normal player does, pick an hero and buy all skills, just simply create a hero, set a time trigger for 0.01 second, add item to nuetral passive, set wait time 0.01, remove item, add another one,0.01 second and repeat, this way you have no lag anymore because the game already ini. them, its a way you can use to prevent lag for chosen skills :D hope it helped
i use preloading in my map :) baka, i dont know what i changed about your system, but i dont have any lag anymore, i use to, but not anymore :D i still do preloading just in case :)

I think I never noticed that until now. :rolleyes:

I like this tutorial, but...

The part where it prevents from buying the spell 2 times, why is it so you only check for the first 4 slots, and not the whole 6?

Nice usage of Engineering Upgrade. :)
Because, you will only ever buy 5 skills 4 of which will be "normal" skills, and the fifth skill an "ultimate".

Normally people have these areas seperate, so you only really need to check if people are trying to buy more than one of the same "normal" skill. As for the fifth slot, you only allow them to buy one, so you don't really need to check it, although this depends on how you limit it, ie resources/variables/whatever.

You could always use a loop and count i guess...
Aren't there normal items in the map?

What if he moves his skill items into the 6th slot?
Well there can be normal items, but only after you "skill pick"?

This is for a hero builder map, where you "pre-build" your hero, before doing whatever you do in the map.
It's not a "build on the fly" sort of engine.

I addressed the moving the "skill item" problem by making them unable to be dropped.

Can anybody explain why you need all these abilities (channel, spellbook, engineering) and what they do?

I don't really get why you need all of them.

To make it easier, instead of adding and then removing the ability, can you just give it to an item, and when a hero buys the item, simply remove it again? Is that possible?
By the way, when looking at AceHarts map, it's kind of different, and it confuses me.
Can anybody explain why you need all these abilities (channel, spellbook, engineering) and what they do?

I don't really get why you need all of them.

To make it easier, instead of adding and then removing the ability, can you just give it to an item, and when a hero buys the item, simply remove it again? Is that possible?

Channel is the "slot" skill, or the skill on the hero which is going to be replaced by whatever skill the player chooses. It goes in the hero's normal skill book.

Engineering upgrade is the skill that does the actual replacing, as in, it will replace channel, with whatever skill you've chosen.

Spellbook is used to hide engineering upgrade on the units UI, so that it does not take up space.

If you add engineering upgrade to the item and then remove it, the skill will go with it, thus having achieved nothing. Is that what you meant?
I only saw that AceHarts map does not have spellbook, but adds and removes the engineering spell.
Since this is probably the fastest way of solving my problem, here goes:
I copied the triggers almost exactly, save the names for the items, skills,..
I made the engineering as explained.
But when I run the map, and I pick up the item from the groundi take it that is also aquiring) it will not replace the channel equivalent, I've read the tutorial a dozen times and can't find the problems..
EDIT:Nevermind, remade the triggers from scratch, now it works.
Could you enlighten me on:
Next we need to find out how many skills he has already bought, so that it won't want to keep replacing the first Channel ie slot 1. So we use a loop to detect where it is.

So make a loop and inside the loop add an If/then/else so we can check for it.

So do this:


For each (integer A) from 1 to 4, do (actions) [For each integer A, do multiple actions]
Loop - Actions
If (all conditions are true) then do (then actions) else do (else actions) [If/then/else, multiple actions]
If - Conditions
(Item carried by (triggering unit) in slot (integer A) equal to (Item being manipulated) [Item comparison]
Then - actions
Unit - Set level of Blizzard - Engineering for (triggering unit) to (integer A) [Unit - Set level of ability for unit]

Where the heck am I supposed to create that "loop" and how? :eek: :banghead:
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