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Dacia Orpg v1.00 by AuThoRiZe(Life) or just Lifee

Introduction : Dacia Orpg is an not 100% completed map,but it is more than 75%,this map includes a lot of systems and other things.Here i can count them :
-Save/load System ( Thanks to AceHart )
-Backpack System ( Thanks to Moridin )
-Item classes ( Thanks to watermelon_1234)
-No single player
-2 jobs ( for now )
-Multiboard (Thanks to Komaqtion )
-Forge System
-Vote Kick System
-Level cap set to 80
-Item Bounds
-Exp System
-Gold System
-A lot of Funny And Useful Commands
-Vote Kick System

Now i will Explain All this things and system

Save/load System : allows you to save your hero and load in another game.

BackPack System : Allowing you to swap your inventory with a dummy and allows you to store another 6 items ( 12 inventory )

Item Classes : There are 9 item classes : Melle Weapon,Ranged Weapon,Staff,Armor,Boots,Gloves,Helmet,Ring and Material,Item Colors : There are 9 types of item colors:

White Item color = Common=Purchasable and normal drops
Green item Color =Uncommon=Dungeon drops and Boss drops
Blue Item Color = Rare=Dungeon drops
Purple Item Color = Epic=Dungeon drops
Red Item Color = Legendary=Dungeon drops
Yellow Item Color = Godly=Dungeon drops
Brown Item Color = Forged=Forged
Teal Item Color =Material=You can get them for everywhere!

Jobs : There are 2 jobs for now,but i think to add one more in future.First hero isnt count as job = Novice.When he get level 10 he can chose job 1.When hero job 1 is level 40, he can get job 2.

Hero classes :
Agility classes : Archer,Frost Lord,Fighter
Strength Classes : Defender,Naga Lord,Vampire Lord
Intelligence classes : Evocator,Fire Mage,Acolyte

Multiboard : Shows all players's heros and levels

Forge System : The forge system is interesting.You also have a small chance to fail what you are trying to craft.The forge items are better than regular drops and almost like items from shops.But the Items from shops cost too much gold.The forge items cost less gold than shops items and you can craft them for less gold.

Dungeons : There are 5 types of dungeons : Easy,Hard,Nightmare,Mad and Impossible.Well offcourse the dungeon items are the best you can find.The loot system works like that : there are 2 packs of items for each dungeon and for each 1 pack is 50% chance.In 1 pack are 5-10 items.

Item Bounds : When you pick an item then it is count to you and if u drop and some1 other tryed to pick it, he cant.So dont pick items if they do not belong to you :)

Quests : There arent many quest,but i think Quests for now are enought.

Exp System : You get same exp in party or solo ( i really like that :p ).Also i forgot to say after level 45 the exp is very slow.Till 45 is easy to level up :).

Gold System : You get same gold in party or solo.

Commands : I have added a lot of different commands,here are they : -save,-load [ code ], -clear ,-kick [color],-suicide,-repick,-roll.

Vote Kick System : I also added a votekick system for those who steal items and dont want to roll :)

Terrain : I know the terrain isnt very good,im newbie terrainer sry,but i tryed my best.

Level up : When you level up your healh,mana and cooldowns will be restored instantly.

Screenshots : Having problems uploading..
Credits : I also didnt forget those from who i used resources or who helped me.

1. olofmoleman
2. JetFangInferno
3. General Frank
4. SkriK
5. Dmazzz
6. KelThuzad
8. Gwen Stefani
9. bigapple90
10. Dan van Ohllus
11. GooS
12. Revolve
13. Ergius
14. Kitabatake
15. EviL_BuddhA
16. Shura
17. Laiev
19. HeX.16
20. Bogrim
21. Weep
22. Nenad
23. KileRatZ
24. ToolTipError
25. Joccaren
26. kaboo
27. jomik
28. LoveTD's
29. AceHart
30. bloodyroadkill
31. Anachron
32. Mc !
33. Dekku
34. Ghan_04
35. watermelon_1234
36. -BerZeKeR-
37. Komaqtion
38. azareus
39. Coinblin
40. Darkfang
41. FrIkY
42. VaLkYroN
43. Glenphir
44. OgeRfaCes
45. Moridin
46. polo2005
47. bLu3 eYeS
48. drak dragon
49. hopy
50. pride2518
51. KillingSpree
52. mapguy
53. OWN3D
54. boblonain
55. ike ike
56. the ideal
57. 67chrome
58. Static
59. Paladon
60. blademasterEXO
61. Tom_Kazansky
62. kola
63. NFWar
64. Army-of-Pandas
65. Nash
66. Tooolbox

This map is protected.I know some people want to teach from open maps,but some other people dont want to teach and hack and edit map and releases other versions.I support those who want to teach and if they want to teach something ( a system or trigger or other thing) just send me mail on [email protected] or pm me here.

Comments Please !

You may also visit Map website : s6.http://s6.zetaboards.com/Dacia_ORPG/

Download the map from here : http://s6.zetaboards.com/Dacia_ORPG/index//


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just two things:
first, one of the heroes is an "evocator," did you mean "evoker?" I just don't like the ring of evocator...

The forging system is always interesting and give something fun to do (run around the land finding exotic items to craft things), but I DON'T like how it has the chance to fail. Would you lose all the items used if it fails? When you start adding a chance for crafting to fail, no matter how small, and hose a player, it becomes more luck-based then anything. The advantage of buying an item in this case would be that it saves time, and depending on how hard it is to forge items, that could be enough. The only similar thing to this I could see would be a gambling system where you could spend money to attempt to win fabulous prizes etc.

Overall though, this sounds like one of the many grandiose projects that never get completed because they're to large, but if you're over 75% done this could very well be an exception, so congratulations for that!


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So, I just played this on some random Mbot host, and my main point is the grammatical and spelling errors :/ though there are a few little things that i would like to see that would give it a little boost.

I noticed that you also speak bulgarian, so english may not be your first language. But, i still think you should fix a few of the typo's and use "|n" in your item tooltips.
types, not tupes (in almost every item tooltip)
website, not websiat (in one of the quest names)
You killed the ice den mother, not "You killed ice den mother"(trigger in killing... well, the ice den mother :p)

2.) Giving the gate to your first city no pathing, so that i can target the city with the minimap, but still give it it's aesthetic functionality. pretteh plox.

3.) Oh, and personally, i don't think it should be "town of dacia" being as it's more than one place... Maybe some empire word or league or something.

4.) and also, after gring leveling to 9.9 =.= literally almost at my first "actually being able to fucking do something" lvl
i got a fatal.
The last thing that happened was someone saying "craft" or something, so there may be something wrong with a couple triggers.

Other than that, seemed fine to me :] nice work. I'll post as i find new things/ with updates and whatnot.

p.s i agree with this:
but I DON'T like how it has the chance to fail.


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1) The map terrain seems unoriginal in idea. It is almost exactly identical to Cursed Heroes ORPG. Wolves in the beginning, followed by trolls, scorpions, murlocs. Then there is a little break with the temptresses, but it goes to fire spawns eventually. And please do not say it is a coincidence, because the location of the monsters are pretty much in the same spot. Desert branches to murlocs and temptresses the same as in Cursed Heroes where the desert branches to murlocs and ursas.

2) And the dungeon themes, similar to Cursed Heroes as well. Naisha, Bandit, Khan. Way too familiar for my taste.
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