Environment 'Devastating' Texas wildfires spark disaster declaration, nuclear plant partial evacuation

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"Devastating" wildfires in Texas have prompted a disaster declaration for dozens of counties and evacuation orders in parts of the Texas Panhandle.

Gov. Greg Abbott declared a disaster declaration for 60 counties on Tuesday due to "widespread wildfire activity throughout the state." The largest of the blazes -- the Smokehouse Creek Fire -- is the second-largest wildfire in Texas history.

The declaration will ensure that fire response resources are quickly deployed to "areas in the Texas Panhandle being impacted by devastating wildfires," Abbott said in a statement Tuesday.

The Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant in Amarillo has paused operations until further notice and evacuated nonessential personnel as a precaution due to the wildfires, according to an internal situation report from the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency obtained by ABC News.

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