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I was wondering how exactly this data works. I'm trying to use it as a variable (real) and store ammount of damage dealt by X tower. so, lets say I have the event ''a unit is attacked'' and this action ''damage_dealt (real variable) = event response-damage taken''

I tried that and asked the game to display floating text (display integer(real(damage_dealt))) at random region. The pproblem is that the floating text indicates 00 when the damage dealt is 5. Maybe I'm not using the right event? If so, what event should I use. If not, what am I doing wrong?


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Damage Taken is an Event Response, meaning it takes its que directly from the triggered event.

For Damage taken you need the "A unit takes damage event" as said by Jedi. However, to use this you either need to have a specific unit, or you need to make specific unit events for EVERY unit, which is a damage detection system.


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Try this. Here's an example on how to use it

  • Lifesteal
    • Events
      • Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 < That replaces ''A unit is Damaged''
    • Conditions
      • X
    • Actions
      • X


GDD_Event - A unit is Damaged
GDD_DamageSource - Source of the Damage (Damaging unit)
GDD_DamagedUnit - Unit receiving the damage (Damaged unit)
GDD_Damage - Amount of damage received.

You can find more info on the link above :).
Good Luck!
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