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  • Ok. your solution worked. So as a favour. the AMHS

    Create a corrupted model file at a blacked out area. make players camera focus on the area every now and then. anyone with mh will dc. THERE IS NO WAY TO DETECT THAT THE PLAYER WAS KICKED BCOS OF THIS. no way what soever. do not ask me how i detect that they got mh. i dun. I ASSUME they have. there u go. everything u need to know. if u need the model give me ur email. ill send it to you. other wise. thanks for ur help and i did my part. ure on ur own here
    The rule is that images are never allowed in sigs.

    The rule that we try to get users who are actually entitled to sigs to follow is that large text is to be kept in spoilers, there is no reason that this shouldn't apply to somebody that hasn't even earnt the right to use a signature.

    Keep this up and you can expect a vacation.
    But i took the trouble to manually type it. Well, there isn't a rule that says u cannot use a manually signature. If there is, pls point out.
    >>Whats wrong with it [signature]?

    You haven't earnt a custom signature yet, you need to earn it.

    "Sorry, you are not permitted to have a signature."
    signature, he is referring to the image that you always attach to the bottom of your posts.
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