Technology Ford has manufactured a sweaty robot butt to mimic a sweaty human butt

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    Yes, in a bid to ensure your car seat really will stand the test of time, Ford has developed a Robutt that is designed to mimic a post-exercise sweaty butt.

    Which sounds laughable, but actually makes a lot of sense.

    The Robutt is a robotic butt that Ford uses to test the effectiveness of their car seats over time. A butt-shaped cushion is attached to an industrial robot arm, which is then repeatedly pressed onto the tester seat to re-create 10 years of wear and tear.

    This new, moister version of the Robutt was designed to mimic those real-life sweaty situations. I believe most of us will admit to getting into our cars after a hard workout a little sweaty-bottomed… (I’m so sorry).

    The sweat test takes three days to complete, and sees the new-and-improved sweaty Robutt sit in the test seat 7,500 times. The Robutt is based on the dimensions of a large man, heated to 36 degrees celsius and soaked with 450 millimetres of water.

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