UK News Giant Boobs Appear Around London To Destigmatise Breastfeeding In Public

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    Giant inflatable breasts have been spotted around London – and no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It’s actually for an important cause.

    The boobs, which vary in size, shape and colour, appeared in four locations in the early hours of Sunday morning to coincide with Mother’s Day. They form part of a campaign to fight the stigma around breastfeeding and pumping milk in public.

    Tania Boler, CEO of femtech firm Elvie, which came up with the campaign, said: “The #FreetheFeed campaign is an invitation to everyone to stand with all those women that have felt shamed or confined when breastfeeding or pumping.

    “We know the giant boobs will raise a few eyebrows, but we want to make sure no one overlooks the way that this stigma has been used to repress women.”

    Read more here. (Huffington Post)

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