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    Guardians of Earth
    Tyelor Klein

    My love for you
    Burns as the sun
    --and it is far far
    Brighter than anyone.

    Though in life things,
    they come and they go.
    But I am still sowing my
    --seeds to grow.
    Then I will know.

    But who really knows?
    I know now I rose
    To find no one--
    But who am I to run
    Away from this rock
    We love and call home?

    And so I stay
    and I must live
    to fight another day.
    But it is imperative
    --that I Guard this Eden.
    This beautiful and beaten,
    green rock we call home.

    So I must not run,
    I instead shine,
    under this yellow sun.
    I will learn the rhyme,
    of the music of home.
    And someday I hope,
    to see the sights of Rome.
    And spread love around
    With all proving the Worth,
    Of all of us Guardians of the Earth.
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    Wonderful I think!
  3. Fire-Wolf

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    Thank you! I wrote it while struggling with emotions, and needed to express my feelings. It doesn't follow many rules of poetry but I like it anyways. It has a lot of meaning to me...
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    You would like to travel and see the world, but you love your home more? This is obviously a very literal translation, but that is how it appeared to me.

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