Poetry Guardians of the Earth


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Guardians of Earth
Tyelor Klein

My love for you
Burns as the sun
--and it is far far
Brighter than anyone.

Though in life things,
they come and they go.
But I am still sowing my
--seeds to grow.
Then I will know.

But who really knows?
I know now I rose
To find no one--
But who am I to run
Away from this rock
We love and call home?

And so I stay
and I must live
to fight another day.
But it is imperative
--that I Guard this Eden.
This beautiful and beaten,
green rock we call home.

So I must not run,
I instead shine,
under this yellow sun.
I will learn the rhyme,
of the music of home.
And someday I hope,
to see the sights of Rome.
And spread love around
With all proving the Worth,
Of all of us Guardians of the Earth.


I love you
Wonderful I think!


S.P.D Smoke Pot Daily, Legalize It!
Thank you! I wrote it while struggling with emotions, and needed to express my feelings. It doesn't follow many rules of poetry but I like it anyways. It has a lot of meaning to me...


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
You would like to travel and see the world, but you love your home more? This is obviously a very literal translation, but that is how it appeared to me.
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