PC Homeworld 2


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Homeworld 2 (+Demo)

Homeworld 2

This is probably the best RTS or even the best PC game ever.

Demo Version (141mb) from FilePlanet / CNET
**Contains : Tutorial, 2 Missions, Deathmatch**
*sorry you cant play mods on the demo version*


I got this from the local shop's bargain bin few years ago,
and i never regret it.

Timeless Graphics and Gameplay.
C'mon it's a 6 year old game!,
but nothing tops what this game delivers graphically.
Gameplay is unique, you've never seen anything like it.

Epic Mods.
The best factor of this game, for me.
The original gameplay is great but mods are just epic.
Few years back, the modding community for the game was pretty hot.
It produced excellent mods that deliver
so much quality and awesome new content.
And even now, there are STILL the popular mods that survive.

Just compare.
Here is the original gameplay.


And here are what I think the BEST mods ever for this.

TFS (Tactical Fleet Simulator)
TFS introduces a whole lot of new ships and roles to the roster,
plus more tactical gameplay.

TFS 3G (v2.6.1)

PDS (Point Defense Systems)
PDS may not have a lot of ships but each of the new capital ships are all loaded with a multitude of guns!




"The epic-scale battles between fighters, frigates, and capital ships are tense, methodical, and amazing to watch."

IMPORTANT (Patch 1.1 Windows 7 Solution)

So here it is, the solution to get the game on Patch 1.1 so you can play mods on Windows 7.
There hasnt been an official patch yet but users confirmed (including me) that turning off Data Execution Prevention will make it run.
How to Manually Turn Off DEP with the Command Prompt
After that, it is important to restart your PC to apply the changes.
Then, verify that DEP is off.

That should be it. Run the game and download mods. Happy gaming.

(because 3 year old working downloads are really hard to find, i've compiled these.)

Homeworld 2 @ RTSC
(A rather comprehensive guide for the original)
View: http://www.rakrent.com/rtsc/rtsc_homeworld2.htm

Patch 1.1 (Needed before applying mods)
Download: http://www.fileplanet.com/134852/130000/fileinfo/Homeworld-2-v1.1-Patch-[English]

Tactical Fleet Simulator 3G (v2.6.3) <-- I personally recommend this. Epic Mod.
Info/Download: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tactical-fleet-simulator/downloads/tactical-fleet-simulator-3g-v263

Tactical Fleet Simulator 2.4 Legacy (if 2.6 does not work for your system)
Info: http://tfs-database.wetpaint.com/page/Tactical+Fleet+Simulator+Extra+Files
Download: http://www.filefront.com/13893854/TFS-2nd-Gen-Mods/

Point Defense Systems
Info v7: http://www.pds.hwaccess.net/downloads.php?cat_id=10
Info v11 : http://www.pds.hwaccess.net/downloads.php?cat_id=11
Downloads (Almost all v4-v11) : http://pds.hwaccess.net/downloads/ex_ffront/


Evil always finds a way
Thank you you bastard. Now when I finally had started playing other games since my last HW2 feed you dear to awake my hunger with this thread:p

This was the first games that I actually felt that the sequel was better than the original^^ You are right about it being one of, if not THE, best game/games ever made.

Not to mention that the mod "Tactical Fleet Simulator" looks amazing, I would really like to try it, do you mind posting a linky for downloading it? :)

Edit: Never mind, I found it^^ For those of you who might be interested, here it is: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=231768


is now a game developer :)
Cool! Good to know someone else knows about this incredible game. :thup:.

T.F.S. on ModDb.

last realease was 9/15/09..

Actually, i've been playing TFS for a while... it has quite a learning curve with a vast variety of ships.
i only picked up PDS recently so i;m not good with that yet.


Evil always finds a way
Hehe, it seem to be a good mod^^ The first one at least :)

Have you played the first one?
I used to play it with my pals on lans, build ships until I had about 1000 in total and then crush them one by one^^
I still remember them screaming "Hey, what is that ball around my main base":p

I actually found a mod a couple of years back which was made to feel like the first game^^ It had those credit injections as the first game had as well :)

Btw, hyperspace arena is by far the best map ever made for this game:thup:

Edit: Crud, that mod did not want to run on my comp :( I will have to try reinstalling the game at some point^^


is now a game developer :)
yeah, i played the first one.
never with anyone though, just AI.

i got tired of the original once i found the mods, especially tfs. haha.

if you want a challenge, try the campaigns WITH mods on.
its nearly impossible.. (i didnt finish it :p).

@ Samael
are you running on a laptop?

the TFS mod (latest) seems to have a problem with integrated graphics cards.
it's safer to run on a desktop.

but the TFS Legacy Versions works well with anything! :D.
here: http://tfs-database.wetpaint.com/page/Tactical+Fleet+Simulator+Extra+Files



Evil always finds a way
I have actually never tried the campaigns :( I did not have the patience to do so when I bought it and now I don't have the time:(
But perhaps I should try it out now with my newly formatted comp^^


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Staff member
Looks more like an FPS. Ha, this would be sick if it was an FPS. Like controlling one plane.
It looks cool except for the game-poster. Looks so anime-like.



is now a game developer :)


Evil always finds a way
Is there no one else that plays this game? Seriously? :S

I played it yesterday and beat a medium comp after all this years^^ I am going to try a hard next week for fun :)


is now a game developer :)
Whitesock, here's a resolution fix from the ReadMe file.

Non-standard Resolutions

Homeworld2 has been designed for the standard 4:3 aspect ratio display. However, you can use other any unsupported resolutions of your choosing, such as those listed below. Furthermore, We have included a solution for some non-standard resolutions as listed below. If you're running Homeworld2 on a laptop or other LCD display, you may experience some distortion or stretching of the game screens if you're not running in the recommended resolutions for your specific monitor.

To address this, we've included the following work-around using a command line option switch. In order to specify the resolution that you want to play Homeworld2 in, use the following parameters to set your resolution. Simply cut and paste from the text below into the Homeworld2 shortcut Properties

For Example, the Target of your windows shortcut should read:


And if you want to run Homeworld2 in 1024 x 768 resolution, using the following command line switch (typed exactly as):

-w 1024 -h 768

(**note the case sensitive and space sensitive nature of this command line switch where
-w sets the width value and the -h sets the height value.)

Therefore, if you want to run Homeworld2 in 1024 x 768 resolution, the 'Target' field of the Windows shortcut for Homeworld2 should read:

"C:\Programs\Sierra\Homeworld2\Homeworld2.exe" -w 1024 -h 768

You can try using this method to run in any one of the resolutions listed below or others that may not be listed. However, none of them are guaranteed to work in all cases. Here are several examples. Simply cut and paste from the text below into target line after the .exe portion of the existing text.

1152x864 -w 1152 -h 864
1920x1440 -w 1920 -h 1440
2048x1536 -w 2048 -h 1536


is now a game developer :)
works on Win 7?

here;s a thread i searched.. says HW2 wont work PATCHED on win7.

Hi Elite-One I have the very same problem I installed windows 7 on my new pc an was looking farword to playing Homeworld 2 on it, so I installed it and started the game up, without patching it first, an it worked fine, so I went on to patch the game to 1.1 an now for some reason it just wont start up at all! I was using Windows 7 64 bit OS, I thought that this might be my problem so I formated HD and installed Vista 64 bit, but I'm still having the same problem as before. I've had this game running on Vista 32 bit without any problems, so I'm think it must have something to do with 64 bit OS?


Avoid, if at all possible.
I've been looking for a good game like this for a long time now. I am going to downlo... earhmmm.. buy it right away and try it out.

EDIT: It might be worth pointing out that I never got it to work smoothly on my PC. It's not that I have bad PC specs, it is that the game seem to have problem to work good on Vista, and on some GeForce graphic cards. I read that a lot of people had similiar problem and that there was no real fix. A bloody shame.


is now a game developer :)
ohh... Epic necropost coming through!

So, after desperately searching because I really wanted to make this work again on my laptop I stumbled upon the LEGIT solution to make this epic game run on Windows 7.

Posted this on the first page.
IMPORTANT (Patch 1.1 Windows 7 Solution)

So here it is, the solution to get the game on Patch 1.1 so you can play mods on Windows 7.
There hasnt been an official patch yet but users confirmed (including me) that turning off Data Execution Prevention will make it run.
How to Manually Turn Off DEP with the Command Prompt
After that, it is important to restart your PC to apply the changes.
Then, verify that DEP is off.

That should be it. Run the game and download mods. Happy gaming.
I'm happily playing TFS 3G v2.6.3 right now :D.
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