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Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by Steel, May 17, 2010.

  1. Arkless

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    125ms... they tested it on the us server without telling anyone and thought it was working perfectly

    I don't know if it's on every server yet but I think so.

    For the quote... I cannot since I don't know where I read it :) but I'm 100% sure that they said it (not so sure about the number, maybe it was 150, but definetly not higher).
  2. Ancanus

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    I'm sure someone can come up with a marvelous trigger function that can make up for that average-low ping. :cool:
  3. BloodNGlory

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    If anyone is interested in seeing an updated version, with some of the mentioned issues fixed:

    I'm honestly not sure how to do a skybox, I've tried a couple of things, but I think they are disabled right now (or missing textures). As for the stuttering, it's related to cliffs. Still trying to nail down the last camera bugs.

    As for all the naysayers, well I do actually agree with most of what has been said, I will say that we will have to see about multiplayer lag, and as for gameplay, well that depends on what is done with the map. Obviously a map cannot be carried just by 'being an FPS', but that was the case with any genre. Nobody played bad TDs, AoS maps ect, so I don't really see a difference. There are certain map concepts where being able to have FPS view is very helpful. I'm sure we will see some great FPS maps by someone at some point.

    Off Topic: As for premium, AFAIK thats only for large projects with their own sounds, music, ect. Ie teams who create total conversions/extensive mods of SCII. So I doubt 'everything good' will be premium.
  4. jleips2600

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    If they're only charging 1 or 2$ for the map, I don't expect it to be the quality of the next CoD or Unreal, etc.

    Sorry to half derail the thread. To stay on topic, That new videos looks much better than the first man. The flamethrower looks like tons of fun!
    Keep the updates coming :D
  5. Steel

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    Updated, new video.
  6. XxMayhemxX

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    looks much cooler

    i can just imagine going thru a cavern like the beginning of this video, then all of a sudden, you come to a clearing, and you witness a sight to behold, a huge glorious battle taking place in front of you. You could of course run down and shoot whatever.. but it would be much safer to avoid this war... run around it, then find a back way into the home base of one of those armies, and infiltrate the Nexus/CC, snipe their workers, or nuke their base. or just for kicks nuke the battlefield you seen minutes before lol

    a full campaign with story would be pretty cool
  7. BlowingKush

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    It seems like you spend most of your battles running backwards. You need to make enemys that hold thier positions and shoot weapons or projectiles so you have to take cover more, instead of running backwards and losing all the ground you have covered.

    (i am definitley not a naysayer, i appreciate all the work that goes into something like this
    it is always a good idea though to be aware of the engine limitations
  8. XxMayhemxX

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    well he's going against alot of melee.. except the hydras and infesteds?(whats plural of infested besides infested terrans) maybe send some rines and ghosts.. then make them stop and take cover or something...
    so your forced to inch ahead.. take out one at a time or whatever.. altho cover IS the wall lol.. so idk..
  9. Sensang

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    i think there will be plenty of maps with their fun level being as high as new full priced games... There are mods and maps for games that I've played more than the games themselves.

    I mean have you seen some of the recent games? Theres a lot of "professional" crap out there...
  10. BlowingKush

    BlowingKush I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.

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    Just make alot of the melee units 1 or 2 shot kills.. like the 'fodder' guys in Doom 2 and maybe slow thier movement so you have time to kill them
  11. monoVertex

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    Any chance for you to post the map? I would like to see how you made some things. Or at least tell me how you set up the camera that way and made it so smooth, please :D.
  12. Sensang

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    yea I'd love to see the map too... ofc you probably dont want people to be able to just paste and copy your work and sell it as their own.

    Nevertheless could you please explain some stuff in it or for example just what kind of aiming system you are using? Im having a hard time figuring out how to get the middle of the screen as you do.

    I figure it's not x and y of the point clicked thing because you can continue firing while turning around.
  13. wingdnosring

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    Looks fun. Adding a skybox would make a huge difference I think. Unless it's all supposed to be underground, in which case a ceiling would be nice.

    Also, I noticed that certain parts of marine model seem to clip through the camera when running backwards. Somehow rectifying that would be a good thing to look into as well.

    Otherwise, awesome though :thup:

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