Technology Japan scientists invent electronic device that is biodegradable

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    OSAKA--Scientists here have created a biodegradable paper-thin sensor device that connects to the internet of things (IoT) system to transmit data.

    The nanopaper sensor device, which the researchers developed to collect data without damaging nature, is a potentially large leap toward production of environmentally friendly electronics.

    The square, 1-millimeter-thick nanopaper sheets are used as substrates and can be left to naturally decompose in soil. They are the brainchild of scientists at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR) of Osaka University.

    The devices are expected to be adopted for data collection without harming the environment in places where instruments would be difficult to recover.

    The substrate and some other components of the devices are made of nanopaper comprised of extremely thin fibers, allowing the device to be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.

    Read more here. (Asahi Shinbun)

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