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Hello my name is Gaspar and im currently working on this Hero Defence/Arena/RPG game that ill explain:

-You start in 1 of two cities (5v5)
-You choose a Hero from the Melee or Magic Hero Summoners
-You can [-repick] for the first 2 minutes of the game
- [-info] for Commands info.
- [-español] for Intro in Spanish.

-After 5 seconds the Leaderboard will appear with Current Farm, Hero Kills, Deaths and Spirits Killed
-You have a spirit that is used to pick and repick a hero, gather Gems scatered all over the map which when sold gives 5000 gold, the spirits moves slow but has a series of habilities like Invicibility, Powerful slow and hex, also as passive Shadow Meld. All of the cost 100 mana and the spirit has 100 mana, little mana reg, 10 of health and 500 divine armor, when carrying a gem the spirit walk speed increases. Killing a Spirit give a point in the leaderboard as well a dropping gem(which by the way cant be picked up by Heros) and 1 of lumber.

-In your City you will find shops and Team Towers.
-The Team Towers can only be upgraded with Hero gold
-Everytime a Teammate or you kill a hero, 100 of Hero gold will be added.

-You can buy special units in the Main Tower which can be bought with Regular Gold.

-After the first 5 minutes, all players can use the Teleport Commands. ej.[-move varadom]

-Every 10 minutes there is a Duel (1v1 in the arena)
-Every 20 minutes there is a Team duel

-Explore the giant everia world with really hard npcs that respawn.

-The Main goal is to destroy the main tower when ever your team decides it, or the situation demands it.
-Secondary goal which can also win the game is to kill all enemys Spirits.

The game is obviously in an early stage, and has some errors like the timers windows overlap after 2 or 3 duels, the duel system is not working so good sometimes it doest teleport you, but most of the time it does, also the teleport system does the same, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, also at the duel time it doesnt give the hero full health and mana, if the spirit pick up a book the game crashes and also the respawn of creeps is not working and i dont know why, almost everything else works great. The game sometimes crashes the first time you open it.

Please take a look at it and thank you for your time and every kind of feedback will be good and apreciated.


  • Lands Of Everia v3.5a~1.w3x
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