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    • No World Editor related question threads, this section is meant for projects, which include (but are not limited to):

    - custom maps
    - custom mods
    - World Editor enhancing (e.g EGUI)
    - World Editor related programs (e.g your own custom colour code maker)
    - request threads looking for volunteers​

    • When posting your project, include a (short) description explaining what is the project all about. The more detailed the better.

    - all future members’ project threads which do not have a sufficient description will be locked and asked to repost the thread containing a description.

    Your project has a sufficient description if it is more detailed than the following examples:

    - I make map, need ppl to join!
    - xxx TD!!! +rep .. what?
    - where am I?
    - hey I made a map pls check it out!

    For mapping teams looking for volunteers to join, please write in detail which positions need to be filled and what are the qualifications needed.

    - e.g need a person to code spells, needs to know JASS to guarantee spell MUI

    • Try to avoid long or nondescript thread titles and come up with a name before posting.
    Names to be avoided:

    - my custom map
    - check out my map +rep
    - where am I?

    If you absolutely haven't got any ideas concerning the name of your map, at least use a more descriptive title than the previous examples.

    - You can always PM a World Editor Zone moderator, or at least me, to change the title of your thread if you have picked a name.
    • In addition to the specific Members’ Project forum rules, the overall thehelper community rules apply (e.g be nice).

    Submit your finished maps to the database!

    Happy mapping!

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