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The connection is the fastest we (colleagues) can afford during our stay near the college. It's something neither all of us can do about it.
We could rent a 24/7 server, but that costs money and I doubt most of us players don't want to pay (including me).


I really wish there was a way of getting blue dye that was as common as any of the other dyes are, light-blue just happens to be the colour I need right now...


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In my singleplayer save I have yet to find lapis lazuli, though redstone floods my mines. Unfortunately.


Real eyes realize real lies.
Lapis is clearly not common as redstone is. I think one Lapis Lazuli ore should drop four dyes - the same way redstone ore drops four redstone.


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Currently undergoing a few moments of maintenences. Will edit this post to let you know the latest news before the eventual 1/20/2011 (1-month temporarily) Offline. And when I'll be back on. Also, playing SC2 for a bit.


Finished my SC2 sessions. I was trying to implement "bukkit" server mod, but it seems it's broken right at startup, lacking some "main" class, I guess. Did some memory flushing and clearing out stuffs that may hog computer RAMs. Other than that, it's perfectly fine. I'll repost my server IP for everyone to see. Again, my server will be offline for 1 month starting on 1/20/2011, as I'll be riding a train back home.

Server IP : <------ ONLINE for another 1 or 2 days, then maintenences.
(Beta 1.2_01)


Just like what Nd1996 did, you can make TNTs and use the cannon to mine for Lapis Lazuli. Probably you should ask him more for TNT help, as he's an expert. Again, if there's problems, just text what's wrong in the game, so I'll be able to read it via the console.


Real eyes realize real lies.
isnt lapis lazuli only for dyeing purposes?
Yes. You can make blue dye from it.

I've been doing singleplayer, no mods, and I've found only one piece of redstone dust, and that's when I came across a dungeon with loot and a spawner.
Redstone Ore deposits can be found below level 16. If you don't know what the levels mean, press F3 and some coordinates should pop on your screen. Y is the vertical coordinate.

My friend linked me this. It's a very detailed and good guide to mining and explains different mining techniques very well.


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its all about luck, which is why exploring caves and just straight up digging is so randomly fun in minecraft.

What I do, and i think a lot of people do, is whenever you mine, always mine in 2x1 blocks, enough room for you to walk through. It all works on what killing blocks reveals new blocks. So facing a wall, you destroy one block, it reveals 4 new block faces, same for the bottom, when you expand that to 2x2, you only reveal 3 new block faces, so its most efficient to use 2x1 hallways. I used to do 3x3 walls and 3x2 hallways, but its much faster to do 2x1...

So if you mine straight down 2x1 with no detours, you should be able to hit the bottom because going straight down is 64 blocks and with the new update i think stone picks give you exactly 128 cobblestone blocks from the old 64.

And when you hit the bottom you should have one side of 2x1 block filled with ladders and the other open side. When you hit the bottom, put 2 blocks in the side o wall with ladders and fill the other side with water, you need 2 blocks of water to cushion a fall from any height, ive done it a couple times and it sometimes kills you but most of the time it doesnt, and if you do die, it all explodes inside the water so its easy to recollect.


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Wow. Are you designing some sort of colour pattern on the floor?
No, just wanted the walls to not be so boring. I'm open to suggestions however.

Day 2: Switched to Quandry texture pack, added a second floor. Note that no interior design/carving has been done.

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