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Is anyone watching the sc2 streams/planning on watching any games/watched any games earlier?

Haypro just completely steam-rolled Tyler with banelings and zerglings, it was so dirty. apperently a lot of Korean pros came to this mlg event too, and some players are saying its unfair that DRG came.

The Pools are now:

Pool A: Naniwa, Haypro, Huk, TLO, DRG, Tyler

Pool B: Idra, InControl, Sjow, Sheth, Boxer, Cruncher

Pool C: MMA, Slush, Socke, Ret, Drewbie, Rain

Pool D: Kiwikaki, Moonan, Select, Mvp, Machine, Ganzi

Tyler vs DRG soon though :3

IDRA is such a shittalker lolll
Seen most of it live. The rest will follow on vods.

Great event overall.
Except for the fact that I think the breaks are way too long.
And the website is still the same unnavigateable, inconvenient and unhandy piece of ... it's always been. User-friendly is different.

The bitter Husky team actually works rather well too. Definitely better than anticipated :p

Best matches so far?
Difficult to say. I'll think some more about it.

Boxer has shown some amazing stuff!

> it's unfair that DRG came

Because he's really good and killed their favorite?

WhiteRa right now on stage. Seems to have quite the fanbase :p
WhiteRa right now on stage. Seems to have quite the fanbase :p
oh dear lord, 20 wins and 0 losses for white-ra in 1 day he is a champ. he completely massacred drewbie. i would not be able to do 10 best of 3 matches in 1 day, back to back let alone not lose a single game.
WhiteRa lost his first game for being late :p
He offered to start 0:1 and play off-race but they didn't allow it :/

Now he he slaughtering the lower bracket to get back into da finals :D

Very unfortunate that, on the first day, a lot of the players complained about bnet lag. They even had to pause games a few times.
Love the MLG, been watching as much of it as I can, watching the brackets carefully, and making predictions.

Thought it was funny seeing Cruncher Vs Idra, even though it seemed faked.
JP: So, Idra, promise me you'll give a PG13 answer?
What do you think of this match?
Idra: I'm playing terrible, but its more than enough to beat him.
JP: Haha, thats Idra for you.. What do you think Cruncher?
Cruncher: It would be nice for me if I won.
JP: Alright, so shake hands now guys. . . If you're going too.
*Idra does a 180 and walks to his booth*

Also, gogo White-Ra:

More on White-ra: Because of the extended series rule, when he met the guy he was late for in the losers bracket, he started 0-2. The other guy suicided SCVS to even the score and said "Lets do this right" and went on to play the bo5 2-2.
Im a bit upset that they hyped the DRG Tyler match all day and never showed it (did it even happen?). nonetheless i got to see drewbie get GG'd 11 minutes in cuz White-Ra is a boss. i actually thought drewbie would stand at least some of a chance, but it wasnt even fair.

man i wanna see idra play Rain or MMA and rage over the fact that those 2 mega abuse the most annoying terran strats (mass blue flame heli?! hell i was raging myself when ret faced him)
Give the game time, abusive strategies will come for the other races as well, safe expands too.
Give the game time, abusive strategies will come for the other races as well, safe expands too.

im just hoping HotS gives the swarm something to annoy the f out of terrans :3 epic game between white-ra and select now, its 1-1 final game just started
Hope ra wins. What protoss and zerg are hoping for is more harass options, for protoss safer expansions, zerg want more units as potent as the infestor.
He lost by literally a split second, and select took it 2-1
Boxer vs Rain and Mvp vs DRG in an hour and 2 hours respectively. korean pros everywhere

TLO v Sheth now tho
And there I thought that while I have no valid answer to mass Marauders, that the pros have no problems with them... PoorRa :(
> TLO vs Sheth

Creative opening :D

Shouldn't that Sheth guy actually be somewhat seriously nervous, what with being on the big stage for the first time?
Well, good game regardless.

i missed the first game cuz the streams broke on the mlg site, but i found a stream on teamliquid site now

It would seem that, indeed, they are making a greater comeback.

Along with Protoss that seem to have switched from Colossus to Archons.
And Zerg with clearly 1. not enough presence, and 2. not enough Infestors :(
are idra and sheth the only 2 zerg left?
Well, a one hour standoff is something you don't see all that often.
Even less when it's decided by a mere handful of extra gas... :p
I actually saw that one, Kas was nice enough to stream it + russian commentary (I understood most of it ^_^ ) I am dissapointed in that tvt.
omg. i am so tired right now that game was so long jezuz. bloodcount out of all games to watch why that one, it was so god damn frustrating to watch! if that was me i woulda just said fuck it and all out rushed like 45 mins in. the patience of koreans is unmatched by any other it seems.

we were supposed to see drg and mvp 30 mins ago and its not even done yet, 1-1. holy.

also ret is still in it i think, so 3 zerg
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