Mountain Giants "War club"

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So im making a Mountain Giant Hero for my arena...
hes basiclly gona be ranged trowing rocks, but hes gona have that war club skill witch will make him melee... and damage type will be changed from siege to Chaos...

but once he use it the damage icon dissapers and u can no longer se hes dmg... how do i fix this?


well i'm not sure what you did in the first place. can't you just reverse the attacks in the object unit data? uhm...oh yeah... I recommend if you didn't already to use the mountain giant as the hero base. to do that you have to copy the unit, and then when it asks you to change the unit id you must change that first letter from e to E. then you will have to do over again all that hero stuff, but you should still have your other hero that you can refer back to. this method i like and have been using for my new map and it's much faster than trying to change all that other stuff about the hero to make him like the original unit.

all that said... i think your problem is that first of all, your hero is using his secondary attack when he picks up the tree, which is fine, but then... the problem is that whatever hero you're basing the mountain giant off of doesn't have a secondary attack. that's why your damage ammount isn't showing right? you may have to change a lot of stuff to be just what the mountain giant unit's data is but like i said if you do that above thing then you just need to change all the zero hero values back to regular hero values. oh yeah and watch out for the damage base and base hp and maybe even the defense base data values too...


You can change this now in User CP.
^ What he said.
To give it shorter: your hero probably has only one attack type.

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In order to change that, you could just make it into another unit, like metamorphis or something that makes it into a different unit, that has chaos attack or whatever you like.
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