Need a little bit of help building a new PC

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by C-Death, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. C-Death

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    Hello everyone, and let me apologize in advance if I've posted this in the wrong place.

    I finally came into a little bit of money, and I'm ready to stop abusing this poor laptop trying to play games. So now I'm looking to build a gaming PC.

    I don't need anything mind blowing. I play a lot of League of Legends, Skyrim, and Oblivion. With all that in mind, I'd also like to record videos for those games as well. Now with all of THAT in mind, can anyone help me by pointing me in the general direction of what specs I'll need? I have about $900 to spend on it (not a whole lot I know.) Now when it comes to Skyrim (which is by FAR) the most taxing game I play, I'm willing to sacrifice some of the video quality in order to record.

    EDIT: I should have stated that I'm pretty much starting from absolute scratch.

    Thanks for any/all help.
    Sincerely, a guy lost right now.
  2. Slapshot136

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    what monitor resolution do you play on? 1080p? what is your budget? any special features you need? (ex: blu-ray drive)? can you get a student/discount version of windows, or will that need to be included as well?

    as far as recording, I noticed the nvidia shadow play works quite well, I don't actually notice any performance hit when I use it
  3. thewrongvine

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    I'll answer for him!
    1080p resolution!
    $900 budget!
    No extra features!
    and I don't know if he's a student.
  4. monoVertex

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    I don't know if he really wants 1080p, considering he said he is willing to sacrifice video quality for recording possibilities. After all, the more resolution, the more performance you need on your video card.

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