Game Notpron Full Walkthrough, Hints, Cheats

It is amazing to me that people still view this thread. I understand the notpron people changed the game in order to mess with people that used guides and this has been the only guide that has stood the test of time. Untouched in its advice for oh so many years but one of the most visited posts on the whole site.
I am just going to say this right now it is crazy how such an old game is still going now. I know how and why this guide was made basically a FU to the notpron forums because nobody would help SD_Ryoko but so many years later and over 2 million views it is still the most viewed content on this site and is still to this day the most viewed content every day. It is amazing! Please comment if this guide helped you or did not help you. I would dearly love to know if it is still working for you guys.
Oh and BTW I am pretty sure if you use the advice in this thread you will not be able to finish the game LOL! I would remove this thread but whatever it is part of the game now hopefully people will read this. SD_Ryoko this was the ultimate troll.
Cheaters never win LOL!

I cannot believe this thread has been viewed over 2 million time. Ryoko would be proud, and actually is because I still talk to him and he remembers this 20 years later. All because the NotPron people were assholes in their forum. Just some advice people, the first few puzzles can be solved by this but that just gets you comfortable if you continue to use the guide you will be thwarted at your later attempts.
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