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    I'm working on solution for notpron level 79 dm me pls
    Hello Mr. Ryoko, I've been using your tutorials on world-editor-tutorials/ and I've found them very useful. I'm working with sound for the first time and I'm having a problem, the sound will only occur every 2 seconds or so even though it's supposed to occur every .25 seconds or so. PM me and I'll send you my map or just tell you how I set it up. Thanks
    Hello sir, someone had just downloaded my map Ruins of Dalaran from the hive workshop and uploaded it here. For the record that it is really my map, take a look at the date I uploaded it in the hive and the date he uploaded it here... How sad for me that my map has been stolen...
    Good he hadn't change the name of the original author of the map... In my opinion, uploading maps which you have not made yourself is considered a stolen map... Am I correct, sir?
    ryoko I have a question regarding Attachments and Weapons tutorial you posted;can you do this in reverse,to remove a say,blademasters flag
    hi ryoko, PLZ READ THIS;
    err just made this account to tell you a few things
    im kinda working on dota template
    getting most of it done atm...
    most things working
    except some hard stuff im not good at
    so thats why i needed some kinda help
    and since your an expert on these kinda things i thought i would ask you for some help

    so pm me if you want me to send you my latest (unfinised) dota template
    thanks :D
    can u please post list of functions in vjass with explanation. I know its a lot to ask n im sorry
    Hi! I'm the guy that ranted on your notpron guide calling everyone who reads it an idiot! I just wanted to let you know my "dislike" of your work.
    Ryoko I need help on your TD lol I've done everything I thought I could do but I still can't beat it I've tried using Earth+Fire and mazing with my buddy at the middle ryoko emblem but we lost all 50 lives on level 30...

    Please tell me some tips or secret mechanics that can help me beat it, lol it's been like a year and I still haven't beaten it...I've tried spiralling in and stuff but no good =/
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