US News Poet criticizes Texas state test after not being able to answer questions on poems she wrote

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    A woman has taken issue with a state standardized test that uses one of her poems after she found herself incapable of correctly answering questions on poems that she herself had written.

    Poet Sara Holbrook says in a contributed Huffington Post piece that some of her poems was used in the the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, a standardized test across grades three through eight that covers various subjects.

    "When I realized I couldn’t answer the questions posed about two of my own poems on the Texas state assessment tests (STAAR Test), I had a flash of panic – oh, no! Not smart enough," Holbrook wrote about her stressful experience with Texas’ infamous standardized test.

    In the Wednesday post, Holbrook makes a case against placing too much importance on the results of standardized tests.

    "Kids’ futures and the evaluations of their teachers will be based on their ability to guess the so-called correct answer to made-up questions," she said.

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