[Poll]Who's Going To Play Age of Conan MMPORPG

are you going to play age of conan

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yeah screw Wow means that you are leaving wow to play this game

I think im going to leave wow to play this instead looks alot better but i can't tell before i have tested it.


Nope I won't but its not because of WoW, stopped that a looong time ago, its because I hava a generell disinclination against MMORPGs.


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Nope, I will be goin to play darkfall online, if it ever comes out that is...

It is said to be in private beta testing.


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Warhammer Online

What else is there to say?


So thats what Conan has been doing when he disappears from thehelper

No, I hate MMORPGs you get addicted to them to easily XD


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Coanan will fail. Why?

"Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures is an Online Action RPG. A mix of a deep, story-driven single-player experience and a massive and brutal multiplayer"

Story-Driven single player? Hello there, Guild Wars.
This game is, essentially, guild wars with a different setting.

The reason WoW is so popular is because of the People, the interaction, and the fun you have with everyone else anywhere you go. Someone did a survey about it, and most of the people say they play for the Interactions from other people. Single Player MMOs don't make it as well, it's been proven in the past.


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I'm not informed well but is in this game something else important then time and pointles farming of monsters?
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