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  • Hey man, what are you using to record sc2 replays and upload them on youtube?
    I think im far to used to WC. With that 5 on gold mine, 10 on trees and that was good. Now I need 25-30, damn, well atleast im starting to get the hang of it.
    Ya I figured that out from the video. When you had helped me after a practice match I thought ok around 10=15 is lots. Now I see its not.
    Oni, your commentary sounds bad :( You sound a bit unenthusiastic and don't provide enough talk. Should work on that.

    (Not saying I'm any good either, though :p I just watched a lot of Husky's videos.)
    Hey dude, i know this sounds akward, it is too. But, i just saw your "Worgen + Goblin gameplay" tread, and i wanna know how you got to play "beta-cata" ? And is it playable by anyone, like PTR? Im sorry for using the visitors messages to this, but i didnt want to bump a tread that old.. :D Thanks.
    LOL. I try making good arguments. I fail to see why your the only one who -reps me taking about Taylor swift.

    It's not like I'm just bashing on her.
    Why don't you just go play your WoW and leave us alone?
    No need to -rep people just because they don't like WoW.
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