System PUI - Perfect Unit Indexing

Ok, got it! :) Thanks for taking your time to explain it to me Cohadar.
There is more than one way to use PUI.
I will write a good tutorial on this when I get the time.

Version 4.1

EDIT: Tutorial
(Standard trick in advanced vJass coding to increase speed of things)

And to decrease readability : /
Also, you don't need vJass nor advanced coding for it. It works with basic Jass aswell ; )

But yes, the 2 fewer context changes would make it a bit faster.

Does that give every single unit an unique custom value ? I am assuming GetUnitIndex(unit) is getting their custom value or something?

Kind of confused. Because if it is I could use this and make my stuff mui

GetUnitIndex( unit ) gives the unit a certain, unique custom value which then can be used as an array index for things you need to attach to the unit. However the custom value of the unit must not be changed again later.
Have you thought of extending the 2047 limit?
Is it possible or it's a limitation given by SetUnitUserData?
No map is going to create over 2048 units that need an index on the map at the same time. The numbers are recycled, so really the limit doesn't mean much.

Any reason why this is not approved yet?
> Any reason why this is not approved yet?
Yes. Where is v4.2? :) I saw it in WC3C but it's not here?
yes.....thats the reason....

but seriously, even I use this now (BLURG!?!?!?), I think it is time...
Any way to make this gui freindly, cause im such a jass newb
or rather, your a GUI newb, as in, GUI users are noobs.... :)

This system already is extremely GUI friendly.
Set SomeUnit = <whatever unit>
Custom Script: set udg_AnInteger = GetUnitIndex(udg_SomeUnit)

However, I do think that you have greater problems in GUI than the ones this system solves.

Still, it makes MUI in GUI a lot easier.
1 more question:
If I use PUI I:
1) Can't use GetUnitUserData
2) Can use GetUnitIndex // or whatever u said
Only cohadar can make perfect things better, such is the nature of universe.
Is there any file or guide that I can read to see what's new in the version 5.0?

I like this system, but I want to know if it's worth replacing the old version with the new one.

Yet it is worth replacing because of new textmacros that make some things easier. You can find examples in demo map of course.
(besides system is 100% backwards compatible)
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