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I constantly find myself watching these Retro Computer and Console discussion and restoration videos. Since we do not have a general retro forum
like that this is the place

Restoring a Spectrum

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8 Bit Guy - I love this guy! Here is his Commodore History series which I find really interesting. One more video is going to come out that covers the Amiga but I really like this history

He also has a couple of games that he has developed that cover alot of the old 8 bit machines from the US.

Planet X2, Planet X3 and Attack of the PETSCII Robots

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I love LGR there is something about his voice that is soothing LOL sometimes I fall asleep to it. Anyway, the 8-Bit guy did a video on this place in Dallas which was stuffed with old computer stuff I never personally was there but very interesting video

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Restoring a 1983 Acorn Electron 8bit Computer

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8bit computer guy is cool. I personally like to watch retro gaming videos, like AVGN
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8bit computer guy is cool. I personally like to watch retro gaming videos, like AVGN

AVGN is more comedy that actual reviews though. I have watched a couple of his videos though and got a chuckle.
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The Atari ST Story

I love Nostalgia Nerd! Something about these British accent you tubers and retro computer stuff just go together.
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Crazy Atari MS Dos PC story - The Atari PC1

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I just do not like the AVGN. He dogs the Jaguar bad and it was not funny.
The story of VFX, Commodore Amiga and Babylon 5

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The 8 Bit guy does the Amiga 1000

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This unknown computer is just so freaking Interesting!

after reading the comments I have found it is an STD Bus type computer - the 80s Arduino used in colleges and industrial applications. No idea what application this was for but everything in it is hand made.

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Not technically a retro computer but the story of the ill fated Coleco Chameleon from Lady Decade is good

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It's a home built Commodore 64!

For years, an ongoing battle is fought by a group of Engineers to make a product that their industry thought impossible: a processor so cheap it could change the world. But to make it happen they would have to struggle in ways they could have never expected.

This an older history of the Commodore Amiga by Nostalgia Nerd. It has a bunch of good information and I love the accent of these documentaries :)

A second video from Nostalgia Nerd about the Amiga covering the later years not covered in the first video.
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