World Russian military 500-tonne hovercraft lands on busy beach


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Holidaymakers had their peace and tranquility disturbed by a "terrible roar" as a military hovercraft weighing 500 tonnes pulled into the shore.

The Zubr-type vessel can transport 400 troops at a time and comes fully equipped with missile launchers. It is capable of up to 110kmh.

Video footage captured the moment revellers at Mechnikovo beach, near Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, watched the hovercraft pull in, before paratroopers disembarked and demanded that they leave the beach immediately.

Russian authorities confirmed that the ship and its crew had pulled into the beach after carrying out a routine training exercise.

Speaking to the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, a spokesperson for the Russian defence ministry said the hovercraft was docking in an area owned by the military. "Docking at the beach is normal,’ the spokesman said.

"What people were doing at the beach on the territory of the military (base) is unclear."

Those on the beach were reportedly visibly upset at being made to leave, with one visitor asking: "What are the reasons for such military activity on a Sunday?", according to Metro.

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Well if the beach is part of a military training area then what exactly is the problem of the civilians if the military wants them to leave? Sounds rather obvious to me.


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Oh crap "Russians. Hmm It sounds more like they made some kind of mistake "but don't want to admit to it!?"


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I swear to god, people now-days are more stupid than a fucking cat. "Let's go to a military base because there's a beach there!" The citizens should have kept the fuck away from the beach in the first place.


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It's still likely.. they missed their base by a few miles. lol
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