Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

Diora Baird 32DD
didnt know her name 'till now.
turns out that she was in most of the movies i liked.


















trust me. im not freakin joking about evony. Even though its retarded, and one of the worst games i have ever played. Ikariam is better IMO.

"Evony's 2009 online advertising campaign was criticized for featuring what The Guardian called "a string of increasingly racy images."[5] The images depicted females who, as the ad campaign continued, became further and further unclothed, until the ad was simply a bra-clad pair of breasts.[6] A more recent ad features what appears to be a fogged shower door with an apparently nude woman behind it. The next two ads displayed a topless woman lying on her stomach in bed, covering herself with her arms, and another woman in bed lying on her back, clad only in her undergarments. More recently, there has been a new ad of two women in a suggestive pose only wearing their undergarments seen on download sites.[7] The slogans used to advertise the game also frequently included references to a "queen" or a "lover" to save, although there is no queen or lover within the game.[6]
Evony has also been accused of promoting the game through "millions of spam comments left on blogs".[5]
A campaign for PopCap Games' game, Plants vs. Zombies, included online advertisements that parodied Evony's.[8] They featured cartoony images of female zombies like those featured in the game, in similar poses to the women in Evony's advertisements.[8] Similar slogans were also used; instead of "Save the queen!", one ad tells the onlooker to "Save Your Brains!"[8]"

Ya. and here is the picture of a sexy whimmen
I know about that Evony stuff you're talking about, haha. That's why I quoted you and said "Lol, this". Because, I noticed and understand what you're talking about, hahaha. Gotta admit they're pretty hot though.
Funny that the 'product' of the last four women looks like Keira Knightley.

I didn't actually notice she was in it until I specifically looked for her. x)
this thread seems to be popular on google, rank #3 for "whimin" and #1 for "sexy whimin"




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