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The Edge of Eternity is upon us.
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The Starcraft 2 website has started a new thing similar to command and conquers "Battlecast Primetime", it is called Battlereport. They released their first Battlereport which is a 21 minute video of two players, Matt Cooper as Protoss and David Kim as Terran, play against each other on the new "Kulas Ravine" map with commentary by Dustin Browder and Robert Simpson.


Watch it, it is very interesting and the Hellions and Marauders have a lot of potential as you can see in the video. Even the Colossus if balanced right seems very powerful. :D
Nice vid. I just love watching those:)

Is there anyone else than me finding themself screaming things like "No, don't do that, do this instead" when watching these kind of vids?:p
Thanks! I haven't check out the site today, so this was a nice surprise to find some awsome video footage!

+rep for it!

EDIT: And grats on the two rep buttons ^^
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Awesome two rep buttons!

On Topic:
Yeah it was a really interesting match, i honestly thought the Protoss were going to win but the Terran pulled out a lot of Marauders and harassed his base and expansion with Hellions and Banshees. I think the Colossus needs it's health upped and add more fire power. Also give it more Armour. If that was done then it is perfect, because for it's current price it is not worth getting a bunch of them. :(
That game was awesome :eek:

In the beginning, I thought that the Protoss were going to win. However, the Terran countered the Protoss' units pretty well, and won fairly quickly. I thought that the Terran player should have destroyed the rocks separating his two bases so he wouldn't have to wait in case of attack.
But if he destroyed the rocks when the protoss scout come through it would have been seen and the protoss player would have found his expantion a lot earlier.
Wow. This video revived the hope that SCII will be great. I was doubting.

This seems to be the first gameplay vid in which they show off strategies and tactics instead of just units and abilities. That's really sweet.
Same here as well. I didn't really think I would buy SC2, but this video has definately changed my mind! I may consider buying this when it is (eventually) released. :)
What amazes me is this is Alpha stage.. imagine the final build... It would be God Like :cool:
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