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    Release Date: ~2010

    Game #3 (Name is yet to be figured out) is the newest game being worked on by The Behemoth, creator of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. So far, all that's been released for this game is a screenshot and a 1:27 trailer / gameplay video. This game has been in production for a very short time, and this is a very early representation of what the game may turn out to be. From the looks of the video, it appears to be a party game, similar to Mario Party, with several games ranging from violent mini-games, to team play sports, to block collecting and territory games!​

    Here's the trailer:

    My Comments?
    Looks like this will be a very interesting game, can't wait for some new juicy details on this game. :)

    My Rating: TBA
    [OFFICIAL] Rating: TBA

    Screenshots below!

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    I tried castle crashers on the Xbox, I wasn't too fond of it at all. :(
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    Why is that?
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    Castle Crashers owns!

    lol, this reminds me of Army of Two. It seems like you work together with your partner a lot. Awesome. :thup:

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    It also seems there are small variations on a lot of characters. Maybe character creation?

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