True Colors - A original story by Duwenbasden


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The sun was already setting in the marvelous city of Port Deyes when Danielle and I arrived back at headquarters in Fradle, a prosperous community and commercial district directly at the north of downtown Port Deyes.

Once back on our floor, Danielle invited me to her office. I was afraid my meeting with Sandman must be postponed. I followed Danielle into her office.

Once inside, Danielle shut the door behind us. Must be something confidential, I assumed. I sat down opposite of her chair.

“What do you think of the case so far?” Danielle asked me. She looked me in the eyes, expecting an answer. “Where do you think Dr. Winchester is murdered?”
“Well,” I said, after some thinking. “I think that he was murdered out in the open. It would make absolutely no sense for him to be murdered in that little creepy house by the corner.”

“And why do you think so,” Danielle asked me further, showing her utter most curiosity. “that Dr. Winchester isn’t murdered inside the little shed?”

“It is simple,” I replied. “If the suspect murdered Dr. Winchester at that spot, then he must drag Dr. Winchester to the final location, or the center of Fractor Square, which will undoubtedly left a trail of blood behind. Furthermore, if the suspect did tried to clean up the trail when he dragged the body, he will have to stay there for hours and risk blowing his cover, and it won’t make sense to clean everything else but not the spot inside the little shed.”

After I finished talking, Danielle seemed to agree with what I said. She was about to speak up when the phone on her desk rang. She picked it up in haste.

“Good evening,” Danielle spoke in haste. “This is chief investigator Danielle speaking. Who is this?”

I could not hear who Danielle was talking to, or the stuff they were saying. I could only hear Danielle’s reply. “Okay, I’ll be right over. Bye.” That’s the only thing that came out of Danielle’s throat. When she hung up, she spoke up.

“It was Alexander,” Danielle said to me. “He said that he had completed the autopsy report on Dr. Winchester.”

Marvelous, I thought. Finally something else to do. “Should we go right now?” I asked Danielle.

“That’s what he phoned me for,” Danielle replied coolly. “Let’s go.”


The North Port Deyes General Hospital is our destination. It was the location of the police investigation autopsy building. Some might say that the correct term is the morgue, but I did not like associating morgue with evidence.

Alexander’s was inside his office on the second floor when we arrived. We knocked and he seemed glad to see us. He calmly admitted us into his office.

Once inside, Alexander handed the autopsy report on top of his desk to Danielle. “As I told you already,” Alexander said. “I have completed an autopsy on Dr. Winchester.”

“No surprise here,” Danielle said, while reading the autopsy on the desk so I could read it too. “A fatal shot on the back of the head.”

“I also discovered a severe concussion to the back of the head,” Alexander told us. “Looks like someone had a problem with Dr. Winchester.”

“What might have caused the concussion?” I asked Alexander.

“My best guess is the patch of blood on the wall inside that shady little shed inside Fractor Square,” he replied. “This concussion is indeed severe enough to cause the victim to pass out.”

“Do you think the suspect might have knocked him out inside the shed and committed outside?” Danielle question her best man. “What is the chance of that happening?”

“Not very high my dear,” Alexander replied sweetly. “Why didn’t the suspect kill Dr. Winchester inside the shed, but wasting time to drag him out of the shed with him unconscious and shot him out in the open?”

Perhaps, I thought to myself. However, I still believed that Dr. Winchester was killed in Fractor Square and not in that hideous shed. Enough souls were lost in there to allow another one to occupy that foul place. We discussed the case for a while longer but reached no definitive conclusion of whoever killed Dr. Winchester, since Alexander said he would like more time to examine the fatal bullet that is lodged inside Dr. Winchester’s head. We thanked Alexander for his help and went out of his office door. I turned around and looked at him, he was on the phone, and I wondered why.


Dusk slowly creeped into the city of Port Deyes, and somehow no one seemed to be in a hurry for home. The skylights of downtown Port Deyes still shone brightly, but a slightly black aura surrounded the area. On the top floor of a building, a man was looking out the window. He was in deep thoughts when suddenly, a person bursted through the door, with suited guards attempting to stop the intruder. The man turned around and looked at the intruder in his eyes.

“So, you made it,” the man said, in a tone that seemed to be mocking the intruder. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Where is my mother?” the intruder demanded. “I will never do it until I am sure my mother is safe.”

The man walked over to the intruder, who was now restrained by the guards in suits and was forced down. He kneeled beside the intruder and slowly stared into the eyes.

“Your mother will always be safe if you do what I told you to do,” the man told the intruder. “Otherwise, both your mother and your own life might be in danger. It is your choice afterall. To do it or not to do it, remember, that is the question.” He let out a mocking snicker when he finished. “Escort our nice one out. I do not want to hear from this little one until the job is done.”

The intruder looked back at the man in black and the anger and hate was fueled more when the man waved like a father waving at his child.


Chapter 4

I could see Danielle was slightly annoyed today, after what she told me about the difficulty of the case. There was no suspects and no leads that could possibly reveal the true identity of the murderer.

I was discussing the case with Danielle in her office when she got a call from Alexander. A savior, I thought. If this goes well, Danielle would be rejoiced.

Alexander said the report was back from his partner and is now in his hands. I immediately jumped up from my chair and began to head toward the door but Danielle stopped me.

“Alexander said he is in the building for a meeting,” Danielle said. “He will bring the report here in a short while.”

A short while it was, and Danielle and I waited anxiously for ten minutes before Alex finally showed up outside the office. Danielle gave him a go. Alex walked in gracefully and sat down beside me.

“Good morning Alex, glad you showed up,” I said to him. “Danielle was anxious for quite a long time today.”

Alexander looked at Danielle and smiled. From the looks of Danielle’s face, I did not think she appreciate my light humor.

“What is the result from the lab?” Danielle asked Alex as soon as he settled down.

“It was certainly interesting,” Alexander announced as he opened the report and passed it to Danielle. “The bullet that killed Dr. Winchester was a .70 diameter sized, and I consulted David, the army senior arms specialist down at the range and he told me the only arm that still uses this kind of bullet is the Tyfer Carnifern, which is kind of interesting as the only one that existed in Condica is in here.”

Danielle almost jumped from her seat and looked up at Alexander. “Are you implying that someone in the headquarters committed the homicide?” Danielle asked him.

“It is certainly a possibility,” Alexander replied. “To obtained this gun though, one must register with the Shooting Range, since it is the only one left in town. So it wouldn’t be tough to track down who took the gun out that night.”

“But what if the gun is stolen from an officer?” I asked him firmly.

“Then I don’t know,” he said. “I said this is only a theory and not a fact.”

I looked at him, then at Danielle. She was as anxious as before, if not more. After knowing that it was an inside job, she has committed to a even higher level of investigation, to “clear the name of the CSIB”, in her terms.


From what I had heard from Danielle, Alexander acted a little weird today when she attempted to ask him about the case. She tried to ask him about his thoughts and he seemed a little reluctant to say anything. She then asked him what’s wrong and Alexander just said nothing is wrong. From the looks of her eyes, I could see that Danielle was concerned about Alexander. What a caring couple, I must say.

Soon after the afternoon break, Danielle told me to ask the Range about the Ayfer Carnifern. She wanted info on the power, range, and who checked out the gun on or before the days of the murder, and who returned the gun. I immediately sped off to the range. It was the caffeine I took, must be.

The trip to the range was not long, as the range was only a few miles from headquarters, in the foothills of the Magrodian mountains. I parked my car in the lot, after the security guard gently guided me to the area.

Once inside the Shooting Range, I immediately took off to find David, the senior arms specialist here in the range, and one of the best sharpshooters in the country. He was in the range practicing when I found him. I stood behind him until he finished his round.

Once he started to reload, I promptly walked beside him and greeted him. He looked at me and said. “Sure I am old, but I am not fuzzy yet!” His mustache seemed to wave at me when he said that. I signaled him to take off his muff.

Once he took off his earmuff, I asked him about the Tyfer Carnifern. “Oh that gun eh?” He spoke in his thick British tune. “Come to my office and I will tell you all about it.” Then he put his earmuff back on and continued shooting. I protested but he waved me off.

I stood there and waited for six minutes until he declared that he had enough for today. He took his gears off and turned toward the door. I followed his slightly bulky frame to the storage room and saw him disarming. And returning everything on the desk. He then checked out a gun and told me to follow him back to his office.

Once we were in David’s office on the second floor, he apologized for the delay and said that he would not let anyone interrupting his practice session, no matter how urgent the situation was. He invited me to sit down opposite to him. Once settled, he put the gun he checked out in front of me.

“This is the Tyfer Carnifern,” David told me, with his eyes locked on me and his hands touching the butt of the revolver. “A very special type of revolver. It was manufactured by the now defunct company called Tyfer Arms And Ammunitions, or the AAA.

“It originally came out in 1987, and didn’t made much success in the market and was soon replaced by the more powerful Tyfer Typhoon, which for a much better during rate and less feedback.”

“Its clip size is 12 rounds, which means you can shoot 12 times before you need to reload. Firepower is moderate, which means not as impressive as the Magnum, but not as weak as the usual .7 mm that the police uses.”

“Only one existed in Port Deyes now, and I am holding it right now,” David continued. “There used to be more of them in town, but most of them either downgraded to the .7 mm due to its lighter weight and smaller size; or upgraded to the Tyfer Typhoon.”

I interrupted him when he finished that sentence. “So you were saying this is the only one left in town?”

“Yes,” David replied. “The rest of them were destroyed for scrap metal.”

“Does this arm uses the same bullet as any others in the market?” I inquired some more. This was a good time to make sure that the bullet found in Dr. Winchester’s head was indeed a unique bullet.

“Nope, this gun’s bullet is unique,” he replied quite in a haste. “No other gun in the market, new or old, ever used the bullet of the Tyfer Carnifern. This is one of the reasons why this gun isn’t successful – the upkeep cost of bullets and maintenance make this revolver difficult to maintain.”

The gun was unique... This must meant the bullet that killed Dr. Winchester came from this gun. I continued my questioning. “Who used the gun before?” I asked David.
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