Defense Undead Onslaught -WIP


Undead Onslaught
Genre: Minigame/Defense
Players: Up to 6
Download from Currently none
Download from here: Currently none

Okay, Bloodcount and me (I have a new nickname - my old one was Tyrande_ma3x) are back in action! For those of you who have played Spirit Wars and Protect The Tower and liked either one or both of them, this new project might interest you as well! This map is sort of a revival of Protect the Tower but with fresh concept and many more features which PtT did not have and thus failed to attract the public.

The goal of the game?
You are a group of survivors that managed to escape an army of Undead. You desperately need help to stop the incoming forces and clear the land of this wretched scourge! You must manage to protect the portal in the middle of the map for about 10 minutes until the reinforcements come and help you. If you survive and protect the portal for that time, you win!
But it won't be easy.

Currently features are discussed and being implemented into the map. These will include:
- a battle system, affected by runes and such
- 3 classes - mages, warriors and beasts, every one of them with different battle stances
- side quests and events
- lots of different enemies, mini bosses, bosses
- custom spells with many interactions ranging from normal stuns/knockbacks to weather and terrain effects and dependencies

Terrain is finished! You can see screenshots below.
Other than that, I'm doing the scripts at the moment and Bloodcount creates the concept and works with the Object Editor.


There's nothing much to comment right now but feel free to post ideas if you have some!
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